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"The Passwerk consultants' productivity was at least twice as high! Not just the quantity, but the quality was also excellent. They worked with extraordinary accuracy."


Software testing

The success of our approach is the result of an excellent match between talent and task content. In practice, our software test engineers first and foremost make the difference due to their very high work rate. On average, they work faster than someone without autism and they do not let this be at the expense of quality.


This unparalleled sense of quality and detail is the direct result of their way of processing information. Where certain bugs are overlooked by others, our testers usually notice them, which continuously improves the quality of your software.


While your employees are unburdened and they can continue to focus on their most important core tasks, our specialized testers are very conscientious and focused on their work. Their intelligence level of a bachelor/master and their strong affinity with ICT also mean that they can think along with your test challenges, both on site and on remote.


Our test engineers can be deployed for:


  • Manual/functional testing: system, regression, acceptance, integration and performance testing;

  • Test case design: writing out test scanarios;

  • Automating test scripts

Software testing


development (High Code)

Quality software developers are highly sought afer in the job market. Yet there is a group of certified developers with autism who, despite this “war for talent”, are typically confronted with a difficult search. It is these rough diamonds for whom we want to live up to their deserved place in the professional labor market.


Via the button below you can meet our software developers, all qualified profiles with an individual technical background (Java, .Net/C#, PHP, Python, etc.). If the CV of a particular profile arouses your interest, we will be happy to organize a no-obligation interview with the candidate in question. This interview offers you the opportunity to get to know the person behind the CV better on a personal and technical level.


If both parties have confidence in a good match, the job coach involved – who is also present during this interview – ​​will be happy to coordinate the practical steps with you.



development (Low Code)

The ready-to-use delivery of a quality application must be executed as efficiently as possible. Simple to medium-sized applications, mostly intended for internal business processes, can be developed in low code quickly and with high quality.


The development time in low code is 3 to 5 times faster than with high code development languages. This also translates into a significant cost reduction.


We chose to train about 50 of our consultants in OutSystems. The possibilities of this development platform is comparable to other Low Code platforms such as Mendix. So if you work with an alternative platform, our consultants can still be of help to you.

Software ontwikkeling (Hi)

Business Intelligence (BI)

Companies and organizations increasingly have access to larger amounts of data and information. This data forms a wealth of information for, among other things, making strategic decisions, offering customized services and products and developing algorithms in the context of Artificial Intelligence.


Our BI consultants provide support in the context of data preparation activities so that the Big Data scientist can get to work with this data. The highly developed analytical thinking skills of our specific group of consultants come in handy when working with data. Their perfectionism and sensitivity to details guarantee an almost unparalleled quality. In addition, our BI consultants are creative in coming up with solutions and they attach great importance to good documentation, which is very valuable in this environment.


We both have BI consultants available who are specialized in SAS (partnership), as well as Power BI from Microsoft.


"I have had very positive experiences with Passwerk. Their employees can concentrate much longer and maintain focus, which is not always a given. They work more precisely and strive for perfection more than others. Our own employees were also able to benefit from this, as they were able to complete their core tasks with clean data."

Business Intelligence

Support Processes


The excellent eye for detail and efficiency of our consultants means that they notice every little thing and work very carefully. In the broad context of Support Processes, to support the Operational Processes within every organization, these are of course very valuable assets that come in handy, for example, to handle data quickly and correctly. Even in work with a high degree of repetitiveness or where a strict procedure has to be followed, our consultants remain focused and are able to maintain their focus like no other.


Assignments in the context of Support Processes are often very time consuming and are usually considered boring and demotivating. These are the typical tasks for which colleagues do not find or wish to free up the necessary time. Because this type of assignment can take very different forms and occur throughout the organization, there is a very good chance that we consider it very suitable for our consultants. They are happy to take responsibility for this and carry out these assignments for you in a structured way, quickly and without loss of quality.

Support Processes

Security Operations Center (SOC)


Attention for cyber security is a must for every company and organisation. The question is not whether you will ever encounter a security issue but when. It is therefore crucial to monitor activities on separate systems as a preventative measure, to be able to take necessary measures in good time in case of security issues, thus limiting the damage as much as possible.

This monitoring is done by a team of security specialists, including a security operations centre analyst. They monitor the systems and take appropriate actions in case of threats. They continually evaluate the security systems, detect weak points and identify potential opportunities for optimisation.

Our SOC analysts with autism can be deployed in companies that have their own SOC department as well as companies that provide these services to third parties. They excel at this activity because of their meticulous methods (following fixed procedures in case of incidents) and their excellent eye for detail.

Our SOC analysts have a minimum of a Bachelor IT training (or equivalent) and have in-depth knowledge of and interest in networks. We provide a specialised SOC analyst training. This training is concluded with a certification trajectory Cybrary SOC Analyst Level 1.

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