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Testers from A to Z: from drawing up test cases to manual testing and automating scripts.


Software development

Qualified software developers with expertise in Java, .Net, C#, C++, PHP, etc.



Intelligence (BI)

SAS (Base & Advanced) and Power BI certified employees.

High-quality workers for a wide range of data-related quality assignments.




"The Passwerk consultants' productivity was at least twice as high! Not just the quantity, but the quality was also excellent. They worked with extraordinary accuracy."

Software testing


Our consultants have very specific talents that they can use to the full within their function as software test engineers. This produces excellent results. The success of our approach is the result of competency management combined with tailor-made solutions. An excellent match between talent and task content lies at the core of this. Firstly, our software test engineers make a difference because of their extremely fast working speed in practice. On average, they work faster than someone without autism, and do not let quality suffer as a result of this. This unrivalled focus on quality and detail is a direct result of the way they process information. While certain bugs are overlooked by others, our testers usually see them, which increases the quality of your software.

While your employees are relieved of certain responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their most important core tasks, our specialist testers work in a very conscientious and focused manner. Furthermore, they always strive to achieve perfection. Their intellectual and practical ability at bachelor/master level and their strong affinity with ICT also means that they can assist you with your test challenges. 

In "plan A", our consultants work mainly on site at our customer's location. If this offers clear advantages for both parties, they can also work remotely for you from one of our four offices. In that case, we can also perform very short-term projects.


Our test engineers can be deployed for:


  • Manual / functional testing: system, regression, acceptance, integration and performance testing;

  • Test case design: writing out test scenarios;

  • Automating test scripts.


Software development

Skilled software developers are prize game in the labour market. Highly sought after, but also very hard to find. However, there is a group of qualified developers with autism who, despite this "war for talent", are typically confronted with a difficult job search. It is for these rough diamonds that we want to find a well-deserved place in the professional labour market.


Our software developers excel in the efficient development of high-quality software. Their logical thinking results in logically built and developed software. Furthermore, they follow the rules and procedures like no other, which results in extremely clean code. Their linguistic thinking and logical reasoning tie in perfectly with programming languages. Their generally well-developed creativity is strongly expressed when conceiving new software solutions to particular challenges.


Press the button below to meet our software developers. If you are interested in a particular profile, we are happy to organise a non-binding interview with the candidate in question at your location. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the person behind the CV better, on both a personal and a technical level. If both parties are confident that it is a good match, the job coach involved—who is also present at this point of the application—will be happy to discuss the practical steps with you further.



Intelligence (BI)

Companies and organisations are continuing to accumulate large amounts of data and information. This data is a treasure chest of information for, among others, making strategic decisions, providing customised services and products and developing algorithms in the framework of artificial intelligence.


Our BI consultants provide support in the area of data preparation activities so that the Big Data scientist can use this data. The highly developed analytical thinking skills of our specific group of consultants are extremely useful when working with data. Their perfectionism and sensitivity to details guarantee an almost unrivaled quality. In addition, our BI consultants are creative in devising solutions and they attach great importance to good documentation, which is very valuable in this environment.


We have BI consultants in our team who are specialised in SAS (partnership) and in Power BI from Microsoft.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Skills SAS-consultants (Base & Advanced)

Skills Power BI-consultants

  • Writing SAS programs for data management, data quality control and reporting;

  • Extracting, manipulating and merging databases and files to create analytical data sets and data marts;

  • Coding business rules and derived fields;

  • Performing simple analytical and statistical tasks (e.g. comparisons of averages across groups, trend mapping, etc.);

  • Implementing data quality control and validation processes in SAS;

  • Analyzing, maintaining and troubleshooting existing SAS programs;

  • Creating and maintaining documentation on data processes and data quality issues.

  • Advanced SAS code tuning and resource optimization in the context of big data processing;

  • Debugging and reverse engineering complex SAS programs;

  • Automation of code execution in the context of complex reporting chains and data processes.

  • Our BI-consultants can also be deployed for annotations and creating glossaries.

Our Power BI-consultants have Power BI training and can provide support for:

  • Data use and transformation using Power BI Desktop

    • Connecting with data sources

    • Carrying out transformations

    • Data cleansing

  • Modelling and visualising data

    • Creating and optimising data models

    • Creating calculated columns, tables and measurements

    • Creating hierarchies

    • Creating and formatting interactive visualisations

    • Managing adapted report solutions

  • Configuring dashboards, reports & apps in the Power BI Service

    • Accessing on-premises data

    • Configuring dashboard

    • Publishing reports

    • Configuring security for dashboards, reports & apps

    • Configuring apps and app workspaces

"I have had very positive experiences with Passwerk. Their employees can concentrate much longer and maintain focus, which is not always a given. They work more precisely and strive for perfection more than others. Our own employees were also able to benefit from this, as they were able to complete their core tasks with clean data."


Quality assurance


Our consultants' excellent sense of detail and efficiency means that they notice every detail and work very meticulously. They are very valuable assets that are very beneficial in specific areas, such as when having to process data quickly and correctly. Our consultants stay concentrated and are able to maintain their focus like no other, even with highly repetitive work or when following strict procedures. Quality Assurance assignments are often very time-consuming and are usually considered boring and demotivating. Other employees typically consider these tasks unpleasant and fail to find the necessary time for them. Because this type of assignment comes in many different forms, it is highly likely that our consultants will be ideal for these assignments. They gladly take on such responsibilities and will complete these assignments for you in a structured manner, quickly and without any loss of quality.

Examples of

quality assurance assignments

  • Creating user manuals

  • Data cleaning

  • Data or text migration

  • Data checks and correction according to certain criteria

  • Data input

  • Entering and testing data in your new website's CMS

  • Interactive data scanning

  • Recognising certain items on images

  • Enrichment of invoicing data in connection with digitalisation

  • Upgrade to a new version of Windows (configuration)

  • Insertion of metadata for intranet

  • Monitoring activities

  • Anonymisation of documents

  • Practical management of different systems (e.g. access, permissions)

  • Running standard reports

  • Updating data, files, etc.

  • Administrative processing of all kinds of data (in the context of specific client campaigns)

  • Activities regarding "Know your customer" (KYC), "Know your transaction" (KYT), Anti Money Laundering (AML) etc.