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Your assignment

As a job coach, you play a very important role at Passwerk. In a nutshell, first and foremost, you are responsible for the inflow of suitable candidates and for making sure that each individual consultant is able to work in optimal conditions. To this end, you actively monitor the consultants under your responsibility and form their first point of contact within our company. At the same time, you are also the point of contact for the people in each consultant's living and working environment. As a leitmotif throughout these responsibilities, you will have an eye for both the economic and social dimensions in your role.

Your duties

  • Active participation in intake and assessment team;

  • Consultation with colleagues regarding bottlenecks;

  • Conducting site surveys with potential clients;

  • Developing and teaching commuting routes;

  • Preparation of social scripts and task analyses;

  • Making practical and organisational adjustments in work and training situations;

  • Informing client's employees about an autism spectrum profile and guiding them in their approach, if requested;

  • Providing guidance and follow-up for consultants working on site with clients or in one of our offices;

  • Continuously evaluating the capacity of the consultants and taking appropriate actions;

  • Processing and updating the files of the consultants under your responsibility;

  • Giving presentations to companies, schools, networks, etc;

  • Holding team meetings.

Your profile

  • Positive thinking is second nature to you;

  • You have experience in working with PmAs (persons with an autism spectrum profile);

  • You have knowledge of autism, with regard to both its possibilities and its limitations;

  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills;

  • You can work in a planned and structured way;

  • Working inclusively is your personal vision;

  • You like to work independently as well as in a team;

  • You have a category B driver's license B.

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