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Software tester/Support Processes specialist

You will be tasked with a variety of support processes assignments. The initial focus is on functional testing of the client's software.

You will also be deployed on other support processes assignments where a certain procedure usually has to be followed and where accuracy is essential.



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You will be deployed for different types of programming assignments, employed by sister company TRplus. When evaluating a particular cooperation opportunity with a customer, your personal area of ​​interest and specializations are always taken into account.



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Employed by sister company TRplus, you will be deployed for various types of assignments in the context of Business Intelligence at our customers. When choosing the assignment, your personal area of ​​interest and specializations are taken into account. Additional training can be provided internally (e.g. SAS, Power BI, etc.).


SOC analyst

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After intensive in-house and on-the-job training, you can be deployed as a SOC analyst consultant in various Security Operations Center assignments at our customers.



As a jobcoach, you play a very important role at Passwerk. In a nutshell, first and foremost, you are responsible for the inflow of suitable candidates and for making sure that each individual consultant is able to work in optimal conditions.

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