Software testing – Quality assurance assignments – Software development - Business Intelligence (BI)

Since its founding in 2008, Passwerk's focus has been on software testing and carrying out a wide variety of quality assurance tasks. As of 2017, we have expanded these specific areas of expertise by also attracting software developers with autism and putting their talents to use.

On Site and

On Remote


All our consultants have the ambition and ability to work on site at the client's premises. This is always preferred for both practical and social reasons. However, if necessary due to specific circumstances, it is also possible to collaborate remotely from one of our four offices.

About us



Passwerk focuses on the unique and valuable qualities of people with autism. Since 2008, through a well-considered combination of customisation and competence management, our company has been successful in allowing more and more people with autism to take their deserved place in the regular labour market.



143 Consultants with autism
26 Developers - 117 Test Engineers - 12 BI-consultants - 21 Support team

Passwerk's ambitions are certainly not purely financial/economic. The motivation of our model is to employ as many people with autism as possible within the regular labour market. We are doing everything we can to increase this number.


+200 clients

Passwerk has now built collaborative relationships with more than 200 clients. Our portfolio consists of a wide range of companies and organisations. Approximately 50% of our consultants work in the federal, Flemish, Brussels or Walloon government sector. 

Berchem / Brussel / Hasselt / Roeselare

Passwerk now has four offices that are geographically neatly spread over the whole of Flanders. This creates the opportunity for as many employees as possible to work for our clients from one of our offices.


X-ray screening, Business Intelligence (BI), 

Since 2017, through its sister company TRplus ('Top Resources' plus), Passwerk has furthered its ambition to also create employment opportunities for people with autism outside the ICT sector. One successful example of this is the employment of X-ray screeners with autism at Brussels airport, in collaboration with security firm G4S. 


ICT Community for ASD


In 2012, Passwerk set up its own fund within the King Baudouin Foundation: ICT Community for ASD. With a financial contribution from our own annual results, the fund offers the necessary support to various initiatives and projects that contribute to improving the living, housing and working conditions of people with autism.


Passwerk Award


Building relevant, scientific knowledge on the subject of autism plays a crucial role in the challenge of improving the social and professional relevance of this group of people. With the Passwerk Award, we annually reward the students who have made the greatest contribution to this with their master's thesis at KU Leuven. 


Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award


Each year, with the presentation of the PLAA, Passwerk puts in the spotlight that person who, in his or her own way, has made an undeniable difference to the autism community. In addition to a clear recognition of his or her efforts during a festive evening, the laureate also receives a personal biography.

Advisory committee


Passwerk wants to be in permanent contact with the market, clients and top managers to be able to continue to respond optimally to their needs. An advisory committee was established in 2009, a body of 20 prominent members that advises us three times a year during a meeting in Brussels.