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15 years of inclusion for people with autism!

In 2023, Passwerk will have been working for 15 years to give people with an autism spectrum profile a full-fledged place in society. Our focus is mainly on economic inclusion, but in practice we do much more! What have we achieved in 15 years?

  • We have evolved into a company with 180 consultants with autism who are active in the following areas: software testing, software development, support processes, business intelligence and cyber security.

  • We have opened 4 offices, namely in Berchem, Brussels, Hasselt and Roeselare. We have the opportunity in the whole of Flanders and in part in Wallonia to recruit candidates with autism.

  • In addition to Dutch-speaking consultants, we also have many French-speaking consultants with a good knowledge of English.

  • Through partnership with G4S, we have trained more than 10 people with autism as X-ray screeners at Zaventem airport.

  • We established our sister company TRplus, which focuses on the further development of services in addition to software testing and support processes.

  • We have employees who feel recognised in their competences and who continue to build their self-confidence; by creating the right environment they deliver excellent work.

  • We have inspired organisations on a national and international level and have shared our knowledge, experience and developments with them.

  • We were one of the founders of Neurowrx, an organisation that focuses on the promotion and employment of people with autism.

  • We have supported more than 70 projects around initiatives to promote the wellbeing of people with autism with more than half a million euros.

  • Together with companies and organisations, we continuously raise awareness about the possibilities and talents of people with an autism spectrum profile. We think everyone should be able to use their talents and we want to play a pioneering role in this.

  • Numerous Belgian companies have experienced the talents, drive, concentration and eye for detail of our consultants with autism. Many of these companies have become enthusiastic, have been working with us for years and have inclusion and diversity high on their agenda.

  • We have presented 6 Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Awards recognising an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to people with autism. Both the duration and the exceptional nature of the efforts made are important factors in the award. A biography is written about the laureates, a meeting room is named after them and the certificate is awarded during a festive celebration. But they are also recognised in other ways.

  • We awarded 9 Passwerk Awards to KU Leuven students who have written a master's or doctoral thesis on autism and thereby also contributed to our mission.

  • Passwerk and TRplus have become strong references in the market for quality services by consultants with autism.

  • More than 70 ambassadors, members and former members of our advisory committee support us with advice and assistance in the further development of our company.


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