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Additional services from September 2022

From September of this year, we will be deploying security operations center analysts (SOC analysts) and software developers in low code. With these services we further complement our current range of services of software testing, support processes, software development (high), business intelligence and MBPS. Once again our consultants excel in these activities!

As previously announced, our internal 'Academy' (internal training centre) was launched. Two training programmes will be focussed on this year, in particular OutSystems (low code) and SOC.

SOC analysts

In mid-September, a first group of 4 SOC analysts successfully completed their training. Our ambition is to have 10 to 15 SOC analysts follow this training course every year. The training is organised in collaboration with DPI/Toreon. The candidates for this training have had a thorough IT prior education and a thorough knowledge of, experience with and/or interest in 'networking'.

In addition to a focus on 'networking', the trainees follow a training programme that will lead to certification as Cybrary SOC Analyst Level 1. After that, they will carry out attacks in teams in practice, in an online business environment, and carry out detection scenarios. They detect, investigate and respond to threats with Microsoft Azure Sintenel, Azure Defender and Microsoft 365 Defender. They are then deployed at customers through a walk-in process.

After completing the training course, our SOC analysts are able to:

  • Analyse daily security reportsView SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) alerts and evaluate their relevance and urgency

  • Triage alerts so that no real security incident occurs

  • Oversee and configure security monitoring systems/tools

  • Conduct analyses on threats and vulnerabilities

Software developers in low code

About 30 consultants are now ready to be deployed as software developers in low code. The training focused on teaching OutSystems, but these consultants can also be deployed in other platforms such as Mendix. Training for an additional 30 consultants by the end of this year is still planned.

After following this training, they can independently build a complete 'Reactive Web' application that:

  • Contains multiple database tables with internal connections

  • Can build screens with a modern UI based on these tables:

    • for desktop and mobile browsers (responsive)

    • to display data such as lists and detail screens

    • to change data and save it to the database

  • Can add logic to the database, for example:

    • input validation by users

    • addition of audit information to the database

    • separation of functionality based on roles

  • Is constructed out of multiple modules:

    • divided based on business logics, data, screens in the correct layer according to the OutSystems Architecture Canvas

  • Can build integrations with external applications:

    • by calling and building REST APIs


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