Destructive Gunther

Gunther, currently working as a test engineer at UZA, talks about more than a decade of experience with Passwerk. Gunther currently works as a test engineer at UZA and has supported a broad portfolio of customers in their functional testing needs over the years. Today, Gunther looks back on his experience over the years in a testimony.

If you look at your experience over the past decade, why are people with autism so strong in software testing?

I was lucky to work with other Passwerk test engineers on the same project. Every person with autism is different. We all have our own strengths and we really express them. For example, I have a colleague who quickly finds errors in layout, and other colleagues who can quickly deal with all kinds of mobile applications.

My strongest point is destructive testing: coming up with scenarios in which the application might crash.

What project holds the best memories for you and why?

While working on VDAB’s project, I was known as ‘Destructive Gunther’. This nickname suited me well. Every time I had to test a new functionality, I tried to come up with all kinds of possible scenarios to crash this functionality. When the functionality crashed, I was glad I had succeeded. There were also times when I didn’t find any more bugs during my test work and the new functionality behaved as it should. When this happened, a bottle of cava was opened to celebrate. Not finding errors during my tests also made me happy. We always strive for a well-functioning project.

Do you think that your technical knowledge of testing has made the difference on a certain project?

I think so. We’re coming in as a third party on a project under development. We put our technical expertise, such as boundary testing, HappyFlow, AnySurfer, etc. to use without any prior knowledge of the project. We work from an end user’s perspective, in order to be able to remove as many bugs as possible at an early stage.

What’s the main reason why you’re still at Passwerk after ten years?

Has it already been ten years? Time flies by when you’re having fun, and so does my job. My job really suits me as a person and you can see that in the results.

I’m really satisfied at the end of a project when everything works well. And conversely, I often get the response that the colleagues enjoyed working with me.


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