Eleven projects supported by the ICT Community for ASD fund in 2019

In late November, the jury of the ICT Community for ASD fund decided who received financial support in 2019. 11 projects were selected from the 48 projects submitted (almost double the submissions from 2018). Together, they received a total amount of approximately €75,000. The annual theme in 2019 was 'autism and happiness'. Not all projects submitted need to fit in the annual theme, rather it serves as a 'guide'. Below, for each supported project, you will find the name of the submitting organisation, the amount of support granted, the name of the project and a short description of it as drawn up by the submitting organisation.

SBSO De Passer (Brugge)

€ 7500

The lucky ones!

Preventive care within the safe boundaries of school life, whereby a connecting and restorative approach strengthens the well being and social resilience of young people with autism.

The care currently takes place in the school building, but we have noticed that this disrupts peace and focus. Hearing sliding chairs, people talking, a pupil blocking the corridor or the class next door disrupts the flow of what is happening in prevention. That is why it is important to create really quiet spaces where students can talk or act undisturbed, separate from the school building yet with the necessary connections to the familiar surroundings and faces. We were able to create a number of places outside on the school grounds, but still need interior spaces. For this reason, the fund's contribution will be invested in caravans ('gypsy wagons'), seat cushions and chairs so that quiet spaces can be expanded throughout the school environment.

Ezelopvangcentrum Anegria VZW (Sint-Gillis-Waas)

€ 3990

Motorised wheelbarrows for inclusive daytime activities.

Since January 2019, care partner KATRINAHOF and ezelopvangcentrum Anegria (Anegria donkey sanctuary) have joined forces to offer a sustainable way to spend the day for people with disabilities. Many of them, besides their mental disability, also have autism and we can often witness their unique bond with the animals they care for. As the work in the stables can sometimes be physically demanding, we are looking for motorised wheelbarrows which can leave more time to enjoy the donkeys.

VZW Tongelbos Campus Buso Tongelbos (Westerlo)

€ 3500

Social repaircafés.

Young people with an autism spectrum disorder repair household appliances that are brought in via OCMW Westerlo or via the regular circuit of the repair cafes in the Zuiderkempen region.

We use the talent of young people as a means to integrate people with ASD into social life. After the initial push by the repair cafe, social integration is further promoted through exchange activities with associations (donkey walking, cooking workshops, gardening, making nest boxes, etc.).

Liga Autisme Vlaanderen (Melle)

€ 7500

Radio Felix: Documentary and educational package about the experience of a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Radio Felix will be a short documentary depicting the emotional world of Felix, a twelve year old boy with autism. In daily life, he is confronted with many social challenges. His own fictional radio program helps him to better understand the world, other people and himself. Based on this documentary by Associate Directors (release spring 2020), Liga Autisme Vlaanderen will develop an educational package around the experience of children with autism.

Sensitieve zorg VZW (Borgerhout)

€ 7450

dAmeSS – ASD in girls with a migrant background

dAmeSS is a pilot project aimed at girls with an ASD and a migrant background. With a culture-sensitive offer, dAmeSS wants to create a safe place where girls with ASD can go get in touch with fellow sufferers, education, support and self-care.

De Kanteling vzw (Wijnegem)

€ 7500

ASD happiness

Part 1: An experiential and interactive presentation is developed by young adults (18–30 years) with ASD under the guidance of two ASD therapists. It stimulates exploration and use of talents and creativity, strengthening self-confidence.

Part 2: The two-hour presentation, intended for schools and associations, among others, is given by young adults with ASD and therapists, and aims to highlight and communicate the specific needs and talents of people with ASD.

BlinkOut vzw (Gent)

€ 7500

BlinkOut-Labo: Experimenting and learning in a low-stimulus and safe environment.

No pressure, in control of the situation themselves, with mutual respect and a focus on vulnerability. In this 'mirror paradise' you can really connect: with yourself, your vulnerability and with others. Too many people end up in social isolation because of their autism, suffering burn-out and depression, feeling uncomfortable with themselves; all of this can lead to reduced quality of life. BlinkOut vzw wants to do something about this (within its current operation and the ESF project 'kLink'). People with an autism profile can go there with their talents and passions. They will find a safe place where they can experiment to their heart's content.

ASBL Terre des 4 vents (Neder-over-Heembeek)

€ 7500

Creation of a structure favouring the professional and social inclusion of young adults as carriers of medium and high level autism for post-school education.

Trois axes d’action: 1.l’inclusion professionnelle: préparation à la vie active par la participation à des modules de formations en codes sociaux (domaine encore très déficitaire chez la personne avec autisme). 2. l’inclusion sociale: organisation d’ateliers de loisirs et de moments de divertissement (évitant l’isolement). 3. l’information-relais: renseignements pour le jeune et les familles sur les autres services existants, affiner les recherches et établir le relais parmi les réseaux actifs.

Participate ! (Schaerbeek)

€ 7766,2

Atlas - Pour mieux dessiner sa vie.

Outil disponible en ligne gratuitement sur le site www.participate-autisme.be permettant aux adolescents et adultes avec autisme de bon niveau de mieux se comprendre, d’être acteur de leur projet de vie et de le construire avec le soutien nécessaire. Cinq domaines importants de la vie sont développés : le bien-être émotionnel, la communication et les relations sociales, les aspects sensoriels, l’autonomie et le projet de vie.

Centre des ressources autisme Namur (Namur)

€ 7500

Guide méthodologique : Education à la Vie Relationnelle, Affective et Sexuelle pour les personnes autistes.

Nous développons un outil méthodologique et pédagogique, élaboré en direction des personnes autistes ayant une déficience intellectuelle, de leurs proches et des professionnels, qui permet d’aborder les questions de la vie relationnelle, affective et sexuelle. En partant d’une revue de la littérature approfondie et de l’expérience de tous les partenaires professionnels de la clinique, l’outil a pour objectif de favoriser une meilleure qualité de vie pour la personne autiste.

Fédération multisports adaptés (FéMA) (Schaerbeek)

€ 7308

Journées sportives de formation au profit des personnes autistes.

Lors que les recherches démontrent que la pratique du sport peut apporter de nombreux bienfaits aux personnes autistes, il y en a peu qui pratiquent un sport. Nous proposons l’organisation de journées sportives multisports à destination des personnes autistes. Ces journées seront l’occasion pour les moniteurs sportifs de parfaire leur formation encadrés par des professionnels du sport pour les personnes autistes.

Jury of the fund: from left to right Gerdy De Clercq, Marc Libeert, Ilse Noens, Isabelle Swolfs, Sabine Demey, Dirk Rombaut, Cis Schiltmans, Alice Suls

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