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Encima testimonial

Dirk Versavel (CEO and founder of Encima) and Laurens De Paepe (Project Manager and Single Point Of Contact for our consultant) give a testimonial about our collaboration with Encima.

What did our consultant Bram do at Encima?

Dirk & Laurens: Bram worked on the Ekivita-project. Ekivita is a platform with benefits and exclusive discounts for employees. Bram's tasks included designing functional tests and integrating them in the project using Selenium tests. This allows these tests to be done automatically during updates and examine if a function in the project is no longer working correctly.

What does SRB mean for Encima?

Dirk: As a business owner, I'm sensitive to Socially Responsible Business and I think that every business also has a social responsibility. This also includes the obligation of offering opportunities to motivated employees who may not have the ideal CV or background for a position. Experience has taught us that the motivation and loyalty of such profiles are usually higher than average.

What does Encima think about the collaboration with Passwerk?

Dirk: We feel positive about our first collaboration. The start-up was smooth and efficient. The communication was always clear and correct and agreements were adhered to. I also really appreciated the flexibility regarding extending the assignment.

In which areas did Bram provide added value?

Laurens: Bram has an eye for detail, he considers every possible scenario when writing functional tests. He then applies this to efficiently implementing the tests in the Ekivita project. This meant Bram was able to find errors in the system that we had not noticed before.

What did the team think of Bram?

Laurens: Bram is well integrated in the team and with all the other colleagues at Encima. He has no problem communicating openly with everyone. During internal meetings, Bram is also happy to talk. All of the colleagues think Bram is a pleasant person to work with and to chat with during a break. Bram is always present for drinks after work.

Would you recommend Passwerk to other businesses?

Dirk: The Passwerk consultants are really smart. As a tester, Bram was more meticulous than any other employee at the company and he shows a level of determination seen in few other colleagues. As a temporary help, Bram really helped us move forward with Ekivita. As a business owner, it's given me a good feeling to have been able to integrate someone like Bram in our organisation temporarily.

How was the contact with the job coach?

Laurens: Several times a month I have a meeting with Bram and the job coach(es). This takes just a few minutes but that is enough time and everything is discussed. The contact with the job coach was good and we always received a report after the meeting. The job coach was always available.

Dirk Versavel (left) and Laurens De Paepe (right)


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