Looking back on the results of 2019 and looking ahead to 2020

Results of 2019


Like 2018, 2019 was characterised by growth. Over the past two years, our staff of consultants has increased by 75 percent. We grew from 68 consultants at the end of 2017 to 119 consultants at the end of 2019. As you know, our aim is to integrate as many people as possible with an autism spectrum disorder into the normal labour market. We are very happy with this beautiful growth.


Growth means sustainable growth for us. With this spectacular development, we naturally want to continue to guarantee the high quality of our services. That is why, among other things, we will continue to ensure the continued application of our strict and rigorous selection criteria for our new candidate consultants. The internal processes and procedures were formalised and converted into flows in 2019. The internal organisation was adjusted, taking the growth into account.


In 2019, a number of consultants were trained in test automation. There was an increasing market demand for consultants who can automate tests. The training consists of:

API-testing, webservices, SoapUI;

Java basics, Maven;

TDD, BDD, Cucumber;


Git, Docker, SSH;

UI, UX design principles, HTML, CSS.

The trainees can continue to grow in this automation after the training with our clients.

In 2019, we became a SAS partner. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to have a number of consultants at SAS follow a number of training courses. A number of them are now certified and can be deployed within a business intelligence environment. A number of consultants received basic Power BI training. Clients who work with this Microsoft system can now call on our consultants.

X-ray screening

In early 2019, the first trained X-ray screeners were effectively deployed by G4S at Zaventem airport. As their performance met G4S's expectations and was assessed as positive, a second group of seven candidates was recruited in the autumn to be trained as a security guard and then as an X-ray screener.

French-speaking consultants

We opened a new office in 2019, this time at the Be-Here site in Brussels. We now have six French-speaking consultants available to serve our French-speaking clients in Brussels and Wallonia. We will organise another assessment soon to attract even more French-speaking consultants. Roxane, our new account manager for the French-speaking region, has already started enthusiastically and is determined to put us on the map with French-speaking clients in Brussels and Wallonia.


In 2019, our third Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Peter Vermeulen. We awarded the Passwerk Award for the sixth time. Laureates are Daphne Paas and Katrijn Van Damme for their thesis "Jongvolwassenen en autismespectrumstoornis" (Young adults and autism spectrum disorder). The thesis deals with the relationship between individual and socio-demographic characteristics, young adulthood and quality of life in high-functioning young adults with ASD.

Passwerk itself won its first award in 2019, the Social Innovation Award from Computable.

ICT Community for ASD

In 2019, eleven projects were financially supported by the 'ICT Community for ASD' fund we set up in 2012. The annual theme was 'autism and happiness'. In May, we organised our first Charity Golf Event in Kapellen. Some forty players took part in the event that ended with a dinner in the evening. The voluntary contributions of the participants went entirely to the 'ICT Community for ASD' fund.

New corporate identity

In 2019, a new corporate identity was designed and a new logo was developed for Passwerk and TRplus. The new corporate identity has been called refreshing and dynamic.

Evolution of the number of employees with autism

The future


Our new website will be launched at the beginning of 2020. It is not only a matter of adapting to our new corporate identity, but also a thorough review of the overall concept and content. We hope that the new website will give visitors easy access to relevant information.

Further expansion of activities

In 2020, we will continue our efforts to expand our team of software developers, both in number and regional distribution. We also want to further expand our Business Intelligence (BI) team, as well as have an external organisation investigate which potential additional activities are a good fit for people with ASD. If these activities meet a number of criteria, we will also develop them further.

French-speaking clients

In 2020, we want to increase the number of French-speaking consultants. We will focus primarily on French-speaking clients in Brussels and Walloon Brabant, but we will also be looking at the potential in other regions of Wallonia.


In 2020, we will again award the Passwerk Award and our Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award.

ICT Community for ASD

In 2020, under the theme 'Work by and for people with autism', we will again grant financial support to projects selected by the jury. We expect that eight projects will be financially supported.


In 2020, together with the other parties involved, we want to further expand Neurowrx and achieve effective results. As a founding member, we want to put the organisation even more strongly on the map worldwide and let the network deliver real added value for its members.

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