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Happy New Year!

We wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2022! Hopefully. the fourth wave will be the last, but of course no one knows for sure. Luckily, people and businesses are quick to adapt to new circumstances.

We are taking this time to look back on our results of 2021 and look ahead to our plans for 2022.

2021 results


In 2021, we were dealing with a third COVID-19 wave in the spring and a fourth wave in autumn. We were lucky not to suffer any financial losses due to these waves. Simultaneously, we found that a hybrid way of working looks like it is here to stay.


Both the number of software testers (+15) and the number of software developers (+13) have increased in 2021.

Service expansion

In September, a partnership with Hexaware was started. The idea is that they will use as many of our consultants as possible for collaborations in the framework of managed business process services.


After evaluating our partnership, SAS put us in contact with a number of SAS partners in order to expand the use of SAS consultants.

ICT Community for ASD

This year, the theme was ‘connection’ and the jury selected nine projects out of the 42 submissions. These nine projects received financial support for a combined total of 55,239 euros.

Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award

This year, in the nick of time (after which stricter corona restrictions were implemented), the celebrations for the 2020 (Ilse Noens) and 2021 (Bert Beelen) laureates could be held in De Ark in Antwerp. Their respective awards were presented in front of an audience of approximately 80 guests.

Passwerk Award

The eighth Passwerk Award was awarded to Elise Tackx for her master thesis “Student life on the autism spectrum: how the built and social environment affect the experience of living in a student accommodation” ('op kot met autisme: hoe de gebouwde en sociale omgeving het leven op kot beïnvloeden'). Elise graduated with a Master of Science in Engineering Architecture.

Website overhaul

During autumn, the websites of Passwerk ( and TRplus ( both received an overhaul.

Charity Golf Event

In late September, our second Charity Golf Event for the ‘ICT community for ASD’ Fund could finally take place. The weather gods looked down favourably on the approximately 40 participants. It was a beautiful day for golf, which ended with a communal diner. The amount raised for the fund was 5,355 euros.

The future

Further growth

In 2022 and 2023, we hope to continue to grow and to reach the milestone of 200 consultants with autism. We predict a growth in the number of software testers, software developers, business intelligence consultants and consultants in managed business process services.


During the board of director’s meeting in December, it was decided to develop the ‘academy’ concept. The purpose of an academy is to respond to new evolutions and trends in the market in a structured manner and to share certain practical tips and experiences with new consultants. In a first phase, we will mainly focus on a SOC (security operating centre) training course and Low Code.


As mentioned above, we will provide specific training trajectories for SOC and Low Code in 2022. As soon as the consultants have completed these training courses, they will be deployed.

ICT Community for ASD

The theme for 2022 is ‘autism and exercise’. Projects can be submitted to the King Baudouin Foundation from late April 2022. In November, the jury will make a selection from the submitted projects. The selected projects will receive financial support.

Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award and Passwerk Award

This year a new laureate, the sixth already, will again be selected by our board of directors. And a Passwerk Award will also be awarded this year, the ninth this time.

Charity Golf Event

If circumstances permit, our third Charity Golf Event will be held on 6 May 2022. Early next year we will make a final decision about the date.

Ministerial visit

A visit by Vice Prime Minister Petra De Sutter is planned for early January. Hopefully, no urgent matters or COVID-19 related restrictions will get in the way of this.


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