‘ICT Community for ASD’ fund gives financial support to nine projects this year!

As is the annual tradition, in November the ‘ICT Community for ASD’ fund jury selected the projects submitted that will receive financial support.

As you know, Passwerk established this fund in 2012 with support from the King Baudoin Foundation. Every year at our general meeting we decide what percentage of our profits will be transferred to the fund.

Each year has a specific theme and this year it was 'entrepreneurship by and for people with autism'. Of course other projects focussing on the well-being of people with an autism spectrum disorder could also request support.

This year, a total of 28 projects from all of the regions in Belgium were submitted. After thorough deliberation, we selected nine projects that will receive support from the fund with a total amount of 55,982 euros.

Below you will find, per supported project, the name of the submitting organisation, the amount of support, the name and a short description of the project as written in the application.

Autimatic C.V. (Temse) - www.autimatic.be

€ 7500

Autimatic: an innovative telework concept for people with ASD

To help more people with ASD, we want to start a training institute in the form of a non-profit. We want to do this to make it simple to obtain funding and to guarantee that 100% of that funding can be used to provide training courses for new candidates without tax pressures. We want to provide as many specific online training courses as possible for short courses that reduce the dependency on diplomas.

  • We choose themes with a high job creation potential without having to invest in years of training.

  • We ensure that we are a complement to the courses already available.

  • We want to include autism-specific aspects that are absent in other courses.

By creating online courses, we can guarantee that the investment can be used for as many candidates as possible. The resources will be used for: starting an NPO + creating the autism-specific courses.

Assjette vzw (Hasselt) - www.assjette.be

€ 5000

Connective commercial platform for products made by (young) adults with ASD

  • Products are already being made by (young) adults with ASD in the Assjette vzw ateliers.

  • Together with products from other organisations (including KIDS), we want to focus more on commercialisation.

  • The platform is available to (young) adults with ASD who want to start their own business.

  • The search for new products and customers is headed by "37 graden", who bring designers, social economics and businesses together.

  • The project will start with a webshop.

The resources will mainly be used for purchasing a PC and needed accessories and creating the webshop.

Limburgse Stichting Autisme - VZW Stijn (Overpelt) - www.stijn.be

€ 7500

Cash register for people with ASD

De Kapelanij is a brasserie where (young) adults with ASD can lend a helping hand, both in the kitchen and in the dining area. Limburgse Stichting Autisme provides adapted coaching and aids so that people with ASD can contribute on equal terms. But we do run into some problems, the cash register is unsuitable and therefore we are looking for another one. This would add great value and make it possible to invest more in customised work, independence, boosting self-confidence and promoting an inclusive working environment.

The financial support will be used to purchase the computer program and the cash register.

Mariasteen vzw (Hooglede-Gits) - www.mariasteen.be

€ 7500

Working from home for people with ASD in the support services at Mariasteen

Several people with ASD are employed in the support services (bookkeeping, IT, etc.) at the Mariasteen sheltered workplace. There is already a great deal of expertise regarding employing this target group but working from home turned out to be difficult to organise. Working independently and making choices is stressful. Via this project, we want to examine how we can support people with ASD so that they can work from home, when they choose to or when there is no other alternative.

The resources from the fund will be used to start up a pilot (occupational therapist and HR employees will make an inventory of obstacles, find solutions and for purchases that facilitate working from home).

SUSA Foundation (Mons) - www.susa.be

€ 7350

Manufacturing K-lumets to develop a spirit of business in people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

The project aims to develop the manufacture and sale of K-lumets (ecological firelighters), which will enable people with ASD at the Ardent workshop (Liège adult day centre operated by the SUSA Foundation) and volunteers in the STeam-Le civic activities project to engage in a real working activity. The production of K-lumets requires mastery of various skills, from the simplest (sorting, decanting, assembly) to the most complex (advertising, taking of orders, sales).

The fund’s support will be invested in the purchase of machinery and accessories for manufacturing and selling the K-lumets.

Jill Stockmans (Sint-Niklaas) - www.jillstockmans.com

€ 3000


I am a person with autism and I make wooden pens (traditional woodturning). I'd like to register as self-employed and work an additional job so I can use the sales profits to grow.

The funds will be used for applying for a VAT number, renting a location, website, administrative help, bookkeeping, participating in markets.

"En ville et les Copains" non-profit association (Liège)

€ 7 500

To offer a working environment to people with autism and Down’s syndrome in a vegetarian restaurant

The aim of the project is to promote and develop the integration of people with autism and Down’s syndrome, their independence, their social skills and their communication within a group, and more particularly their integration into the world of work. Also the management and proper running of a local and alternative catering outlet that respects the environment.

The support will be invested in special adaptations linked to the type of people involved.

Project for students with special needs (Peps'In) – UCL (Louvain-La-Neuve) - www.uclouvain.be

€ 5000


The abilities of people with autism are only rarely recognised, still less turned to good use in the professional and social realms. AutiExpo, as a mobile and versatile interface, proposes to spotlight these talents, starting with those of students with autism. For two months at a time, on a rotating basis, an autistic ability will be highlighted by an exhibition, an event open to the public, a set of articles and a distribution of the people’s CVs.

The fund’s support will be invested in the organisation of AutiExpos.

Zentrum für Förderpädagogik (special education centre) (Eupen) - www.zfp.be

€ 5632

We promote the socio-professional orientation and integration of pupils with an autism spectrum disorder

We want to promote the inclusion of young people with an autism spectrum disorder by supporting their socio-professional orientation and integration. We will offer them individual and personalised follow-up. We will raise awareness among regional businesses and secondary schools, and create partnerships with them.

The support will be used mainly for organising training courses, creating teaching tools and implementing adaptations in the workplace.

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