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Interview with our 200th client: Fluvius

A few months ago we started collaborations with Fluvius, our 200th client.

This special collaboration will be celebrated in a more festive manner once the pandemic is over, but we are curious to hear about their experiences of working with us.

So we interviewed Kristel Verwaest (Head of ICT architecture and security), Niels Van Nuffel (project engineer asset register and responsible for the GIS project) and Stijn De Walef (GIS specialist and contact person for our consultant).

What motivated you to collaborate with Passwerk?

Kristel: "I was asked to take over from my predecessor in the Passwerk advice committee, and I gladly accepted. We think it is important to support initiatives like Passwerk out of a corporate social responsibility.

I like Passwerk as an organisation because they guide people who have trouble finding their own way to a suitable job in the regular job market. Passwerk's added value lies in their customised approach. They look ahead and analyse the future needs of their clients to see where they can deploy people with autism who have IT skills. They also provide suitable guidance and support, adapted to each individual employee. Passwerk's know-how makes it possible for us to find the best suited jobs for their colleagues."

Which project is Stef currently working on?

Niels: "Stef is currently working for the Asset Register project that was started when distribution network managers Infrax and Eandis merged, resulting in the new company Fluvius. Infrax and Eandis used different applications for consulting geographical maps of distribution networks. In order to render our activities more uniform and efficient, we chose to roll out a new GIS application (Geographic Information System). Stef helps us prepare for the migration to this new system. At former Eandis the networks were usually registered on 2 maps, each with a different representation method. Stef checks these plans and connects them, after which they can be migrated to the new Fluvius GIS application in a uniform manner."

What is Fluvius's view on the collaboration?

Kristel: "We enjoy the collaboration with Passwerk. We appreciate the fact that they think along with us. Not just in our interest, but also in the interest of their employees. This way they can offer the necessary guidance and we get the right man/woman for each job. And everybody wins."

What is Stef's added value?

Stijn: "Because the work is very repetitive and monotonous, pace and accuracy tend to suffer after a while. Stef doesn't have that problem. He keeps up the pace and stays focused."

How does the remote collaboration work?

Niels: "Collaborating remotely has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it allows for focused work in a familiar environment, which is beneficial to the quality of the work. On the other hand, it makes it difficult to ask a quick question or deliberate. Now we're familiar with applications like Microsoft Teams that make it easier to deal with the obstacles posed by remote collaboration.

What would you tell companies or decision makers who are uncertain about working with Passwerk?

Kristel: "Don't knock it till you've tried it. Within any organisation, there are repetitive jobs for which it is hard to keep people motivated. It is exactly those jobs that Passwerk often has the right person for. The guidance and follow-up provided by Passwerk is also a bonus."

What do you think about our job coach model?

Stijn: "As a coordinator, it's great to receive feedback about the collaboration on a regular basis. This allows us to discuss any potential problems immediately. This hasn't been the case for this collaboration so far, so we've been able to keep meetings to a minimum.

What other types of projects do you foresee in the near future where our people might add value?

Kristel and Niels: "Projects where accuracy and eye for detail are crucial. After the migration to the new GIS application, data optimisations and corrections will have to be performed. I expect Passwerk to be of great value there. By expansion, all future projects that involve working with data and improving data quality could benefit from your employees' strong points. I also see opportunities for Passwerk's employees when it comes to (re)testing in the various projects.


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