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Longest-running collaboration

Testimonial from NISSE

Passwerk and the public sector are like two peas in a pod. From the very beginning in 2008, quite a few public institutions opened up to Passwerk's socially inspired business model. Throughout the first few years, this resulted in many long-term partnerships, which gave us the oxygen we needed to take further steps as a company.

The importance of our warm relationship with public institutions is thus undeniable and, within this part of our client portfolio, the National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE) bears the title of "longest-running collaboration". For almost 12 years now, more specifically since February 2012, Passwerk consultants have been continuously on board at NISSE. It is a client relationship characterised by transparency, trust and appreciation and a constructive mentality. These are the ingredients that throughout all this time have resulted in satisfied consultants who continue to put their best foot forward.

Together with NISSE, we take a look back in this interview, zoom in on our current collaboration and take a quick look ahead to the future.

A continuous cooperation with us for almost 12 years, it shows that NISSE really does believe in the added value of employees with autism! Why is this?

Passwerk consultants are very thorough and highly focused. The Passwerk testers show a strong motivation to detect errors and contribute to the quality of the product to be developed. The SOC analyst also works very thoroughly and systematically.

They integrate well and are a full part of their team. Their commitment is highly appreciated by colleagues. Consequently, cooperation goes very smoothly.

What is the main reason for you to work with us?

Passwerk employees deliver very good quality work and are also supervised and coached by Passwerk. The job coaching from Passwerk makes it easier for NISSE to integrate these employees and put them to work.

Currently, four of our consultants are working for NISSE. Can you describe what exactly they are doing?

Three testers work in the development teams and one SOC analyst works in the Information Security Department, who monitors security alerts and investigates reports of suspicious emails.

In what ways do you experience their added value?

Passwerk employees work very meticulously and completely when testing and investigating safety issues. They can work well independently and want to deliver high-quality work. They take pride in their work and are always enthusiastic.

Does our collaboration fit into a broader strategy around diversity & inclusion within NISSE?

Within the federal government, diversity and inclusion are two keys to success. The NISSE wants to reflect society in its workforce and wants to set an example as an employer in terms of inclusion.

How do you experience the coaching our consultants receive from our job coaches? Are there any lessons you draw from their expertise?

The job coaching is very professional and perceived as very valuable by our employees. It represents absolute added value in the workplace.

Does the presence of our consultants with autism contribute on a human level?

Their drive and pride in their output bring a positive atmosphere within the teams. Their relentless enthusiasm also contributes to this. Their gentle characters ensure that they handle work and detect problems calmly. We can conclude that they also bring added value to our organisation on a human level.

Do you have any insight into your own employees' reactions to our consultants' deployment?

Passwerk's consultants are perceived within the teams as competent, hard-working and thorough workers but also gentle and friendly colleagues.

Would you recommend your colleagues in the federal government to consider working with us? If yes, why?

Yes, Passwerk consultants provide clear added value within the organisation, not only in terms of tasks but also in human terms.


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