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NeuroInclusion Services

A roadmap to a more neuroinclusive future

At Passwerk, we have proudly deployed consultants with an autism spectrum profile to various companies over the past 16 years. Our range of services - from software testing and development to cyber security, power BI and support processes - has been praised repeatedly by our clients.

Since our goal is to help as many neurodivergent people as possible find work within the regular job market, we are now taking an important next step in our service offer by introducing our NeuroInclusion Services (NIS).

Why NeuroInclusion?

In the current job market, companies face the challenge of meeting the increasing demands of sustainability and diversity. From 2025, some 70 companies quoted on the stock exchange, and by 2026, some 3,000 companies, will have to submit sustainability reports describing their ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) approach. While many companies have already made progress on Environment and Governance, the Social aspect often remains a quest. A transformation to a neuroinclusive company (or organisation) can make a valuable contribution here.

In addition, finding talented employees is increasingly difficult. By making the recruitment and selection process neuroinclusive, a company opens the doors to a pool of talented neurodivergent candidates, as 15-20% of the world's population has a neurodivergent profile.

Retaining good employees also remains a challenge. Working neuroinclusively not only motivates neurodivergent employees but also creates an inclusive and supportive working environment for all employees. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and lower costs through reduced staff turnover.

Moreover, the resilience of a company increases when one makes the best use of the talents of neurodivergent employees. Different brain types provide a broader vision and strategy to meet current and future challenges.

These are just a few examples of why a company can benefit from evolving into a neuroinclusive company.

What are our starting points?

When developing our neuroinclusion services, we start with the specific human resource management challenges within the company. We build on their existing diversity policy and aim for an evolutionary approach, rather than a revolutionary change.

Thanks to our neuroinclusion approach, we can help implement a broader and more effective diversity policy.

What do we offer?

Our NeuroInclusion Services are designed to be tailored to the needs of each company. Some of our services include:

  1. Deploying consultants: We can deploy our experienced consultants to familiarise the company with working with neurodivergent profiles and discover their added value.

  2. NeuroInclusion Maturity Assessment: We analyse the current situation by holding up a mirror, so to speak, and provide a data-driven report on the neuroinclusion maturity status within a company, followed by a workshop and action plan.

  3. Support: We can offer consultancy to realise this action plan effectively.

  4. Training modules: We have ten training modules available ranging from awareness and inclusive leadership to inclusive communication and recruitment.

  5. External job coaching: For neurodivergent employees, we offer external job coaching.

  6. Customised support: We can also offer other customised support pathways, depending on the company's specific needs.

Getting started with neuroinclusiveness is most important. At least 10% of every workforce has a neurodivergent profile. Unfortunately, their specific needs are often overlooked, negatively impacting not only the employees themselves, but also the company's effectiveness and productivity.

Neuro-inclusion is the game-changer for the future. Neuroinclusive companies will make a difference in the future and be at the top of potential candidates' wish lists. We believe that in the future, companies will communicate their neuroinclusiveness to positively differentiate themselves.

Interested in learning more about our approach to neurodiversity? Contact Dirk Rombaut at He will be happy to explain our services in depth.

Together, we are working towards an inclusive and resilient future.


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