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New advisory committee members 2023

As is customary every year, some members leave and new members join our advisory committee. That change always occurs around the end of the year. The members make a commitment for one working year, which is three committee meetings. The first meeting of each working year is held in May.

You can view the new composition of the advisory committee on our website.

Below is a short presentation of the new members:

Ineke Hoogmartens

Ineke began her professional career about 15 years ago as a BI developer. Not knowing at the time whether the whole 'data culture' would continue and whether it was 'a job for her?', but it turned out that the answer to both questions is a resounding 'Yes'. She has now evolved to CDO at Baloise Insurance.

In addition to the content of her job, an organisation's culture is also very important to Ineke. Actively promoting diversity in the workplace is a personal commitment that Ineke is happy to make.

Inge Lynen

Inge has been working for 25 years at various levels of the Flemish government (Administrative Affairs, Facility Services, Personnel Development Agency). She is currently head of the HR & Account Management Department at Digitaal Vlaanderen, the agency that plays a central role in the digital transformation of the Flemish government.

From her professional experience, Inge has a broad view on HR, collaboration and IT in the Flemish public sector.

Dimitri Devlamminck

Dimitri works at BNP Paribas Fortis and is responsible for data management at Group level. In this context, he has set up systems and policies to help the various entities of the group manage their data.

He knows the data they work with, knows where to find it, measures its quality and initiates corrective actions if necessary.

Dimitri will soon be working from Paris.

Michel Vermaerke

Michel is an independent board member and advisor in both the for profit and the not-for-profit world, among others, as a board member at ZNA, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen en Zorgbedrijf Vlaanderen.

In previous lives, Michel was CEO at Febelfin (from its establishment in 2005 until the end of 2017), Secretary General and General Counsel at Belgacom (1996-2004), and also long-time Chairman of the Klara Festival and the Ghent Floraliën.

Michel also has a soft spot for the European cause, for example as a board member at the Parisian association Jean Monnet (the founder of the EU).

His heart and hobbies include culture, nature and everything that can inspire people in terms of beauty, goodness and truth, as the ancient Greeks already stated in their wisdom. Michel has been together with Katrien for 42 years and they have two sons and a grandson.

Lastly, a summary of the objectives of our advice committee:

  • Optimum alignment of Passwerk/TRplus's range of services with the needs of the market

  • Gathering advice on our commercial approach

  • Monitoring trends in ICT and in particular in the field of software testing, software development, business intelligence and cyber security

  • Obtaining advice on training and development for the consultants at Passwerk/TRplus

  • Aligning communication from Passwerk/TRplus to the market (both commercial positioning and positioning towards the press)

  • Examining business opportunities for Passwerk/TRplus within the market


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