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Passwerk a partner in Lichtwerk

Passwerk's board of directors recently decided to become a partner in Lichtwerk. Below is more information about this fantastic company that, just like Passwerk, is a cooperative. Passwerk has chosen not to take on an active mandate in the board of directors but is of course happy to share its expertise if and when needed.

The goal of both Passwerk and Lichtwerk is to help as many people as possible who are far removed from the labour market to find a job. Passwerk focuses on people with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum while Lichtwerk does this for a broader range of people.


Lichtwerk vzw was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of various NPOs: Mariasteen, one of Belgium's largest sheltered workplaces and pioneer in the implementation of assistive technology on the work floor; emino, a workplace architect with more than 275 job coaches who inform, advise and support people looking for work, employees and businesses throughout Flanders; and Groep Gidts, that provides care, training and work to people with disabilities.

Since 2021, Lichtwerk is a recognised Cooperative Company with Limited Liability. That cooperative idea can be found in the mission, the activities, the organisation of the team and the collaboration with clients.

Lichtwerk ( is located in Hooglede-Gits in West Flanders.


Just like any other Cooperative Company with Limited Liability, positive social impact is top priority at Lichtwerk. The NPO and its partners work towards a 100 percent inclusive society and considers a 100 percent inclusive labour market as an important lever in this.

Lichtwerk focuses on 'technology-first service provision', inclusive technology and a 'go-digital-stay-human approach'. With this approach and focus, Lichtwerk wants to help vulnerable groups acquire a full-fledged place in society, both in employment and education as well as other domains in life.

With this goal in mind, and in a culture of cooperative entrepreneurship, Lichtwerk focuses directly and indirectly on various target groups:

  • The vulnerable groups themselves: people with a temporary or structural (work) limitation or (work) disability; people who are too far removed from society, the labour market or the tasks they (want to) carry out; people with complex issues; chronically ill people; the elderly; people for whom language is a barrier,…

  • The companies, associations, businesses, authorities and third parties who employ, counsel, train or in some other way support these and other groups and who believe that Lichtwerk's approach and focus are important enablers for, among others, workable work, life-long learning, more participation, higher employability, a higher quality of products or services, a more flexible organisation, a sustainable transformation of companies, associations, businesses or authorities and a more inclusive society.


Lichtwerk is an expert in assistive technology solutions for the work and training floor. Lichtwerk equips companies with smart LightGuideTM Augmented Reality solutions to support employees in their tasks. The technology projects the operator’s work instructions directly onto the objects and the work surface. This allows vulnerable, inexperienced, and employees with only minimal training to learn new tasks faster and carry out more complex work while the companies can better guarantee the high quality of their products.

In addition, Lichtwerk is also developing– together with its partners and in co-creation with clients – other innovative 'technology-first services and solutions' with a 'go-digital-stay-human approach and vision' as through line.

Lastly, Lichtwerk is also active in various (European) projects, including the B-WISE project. Together with 29 other European organisations and businesses from thirteen different countries, Lichtwerk is mapping out the digital competence needs of WISEs (Work Integration Social Enterprises) for this project. In Flanders, WISEs fall under the social economy and include, among others, sheltered workplaces and organisations that are active in the local service economy. Campaigns are also set up with B-WISE to strengthen the development of digital skills of vulnerable employees, their coaches and the management.

Lichtwerk is not only geared towards businesses in the social economy, such as sheltered workplaces, but also towards regular businesses and training and education centres. Lichtwerk provides advice, infrastructure and training. The NPO's innovative approach and solutions can be applied in all sectors and businesses, as permanent support or as training, both in Belgium and abroad.


Lichtwerk is expanding its activities, both geographically (e.g., expansion to the Netherlands) and in content (e.g., focus on new innovative 'technology-first services'). For this, Lichtwerk can rely on committed partners, not just on the board but also in the organisation of the team. Where necessary, Lichtwerk receives additional support from the partner organisations. All this together ensures a flexible organisation.


Lichtwerk currently consists of four partners. This number can of course be expanded in the future.

  • Mariasteen vzw

  • Emino vzw

  • Groep Gidts vzw

  • Passwerk cvba

Work instructions appear as projections at the moment they are relevant


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