Passwerk and TRplus return to full speed!

Everything to do with the influx of new consultants was put ‘on hold’ during the first wave of the COVID-19 virus. The training course for the French-speaking consultants who were selected during the assessment was postponed as well as the planned assessment for the Dutch-speaking consultants.

Fortunately, thanks to the favourable commercial prospects, we were able to restart both the training course for the French speakers and the assessment for the Dutch speakers in October. The four additional French speakers obtained their training certificates in mid-November. The six Dutch-language consultants followed and completed the various technical training courses in November and December.

A total of 10 French-speaking consultants are now ready to be deployed to various clients. A concrete assignment has already been found or cooperation has been started for several of them. The prospects for the six new Dutch-speaking consultants are also favourable, to such an extent that the organisation of a new recruitment and selection round is already being considered.

In the meantime, we have 117 consultants who we deploy as software test engineers or to carry out other quality assignments. We also have more than 20 software developers with an autism spectrum profile, about half of whom are currently working. In addition, we have trained approx. 10 consultants in SAS and Power BI. Of course, we will continue our collaboration with G4S in the context of the X-ray screeners with autism that we supervise at Brussels Airport in Zaventem.

Berchem (HQ)
Posthofbrug 12 bus 7
2600 Berchem

Dieudonné Lefèvrestraat 4
1020 Brussel

Kempische Steenweg 311/2.04
(Corda Campus)
3500 Hasselt

Kwadestraat 151a bus 41
(Westwing Park)
8800 Roeselare




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