Passwerk headquarters expands further

The fact that Passwerk’s ambition is to activate as many people with autism as possible in the professional employment circuit has long since ceased to be a secret. Our consultants, support team, and management are ready to give the best of themselves day in, day out. Our unique model appeals to people and we see this in the constant increase in the number of consultants. Because of this strong growth, Passwerk started looking for expansion opportunities for our headquarters… and we finally found it!

The story of Passwerk started 12 years ago in a small office in Brasschaat, before a stop in the Potvlietlaan (Berchem), after which it finally dared to take the step to the current headquarters in Posthofbrug 12 in Berchem (near Antwerp-Berchem station) in 2016. Now many years and 140 employees later, the next step is in sight. In addition to the offices on the ground floor, Passwerk has recently taken over part of the 4th floor in the same building. This floor will be used as a place where our consultants can carry out their on-remote activities in an autism-friendly environment, where the support team can carry out their daily tasks, and where there is room for the friendly chat at the coffee machine, of course. Naturally, the fact that we have an almost 360° view of our surroundings from our workplace is always a bonus!

It goes without saying that Passwerk marks yet another milestone in its existence with this expansion. A milestone whereby we want to continue to put our money where our mouth is and to pursue our economic and social growth ambitions; growth ambitions in which the new office is central to our preparations for the arrival of many new, future colleagues. We are already looking forward to sharing some great moments with them here!

Roeland Briers, Dirk Rombaut, Laurijn Van Gorp, Roxane Résimont, Guillaume Dewyn

Berchem (HQ)
Posthofbrug 12 bus 7
2600 Berchem

Dieudonné Lefèvrestraat 4
1020 Brussel

Kempische Steenweg 311/2.04
(Corda Campus)
3500 Hasselt

Kwadestraat 151a bus 41
(Westwing Park)
8800 Roeselare




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