Passwerk helps Psychiatric Centre in the switch to Windows 10.

The fact that Passwerk also carries out assignments in the context of quality assurance isn’t news to its meticulous followers. We recently collaborated with the Ariadne Psychiatric Centre in Lede in this context, helping with their conversion from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

A few months ago, Microsoft decided to discontinue support for Windows 7. This news obliged many organisations and companies to perform the necessary updates in a very short period of time so that their internal equipment could remain operational. In view of the security risks that such a decision by Microsoft entailed, the Ariadne Psychiatric Centre immediately decided to take a shortcut by fully focusing on the switch to Windows 10.

However, Johan Boelaert, IT Manager at the Ariadne Psychiatric Centre, immediately came to the conclusion that the internal manpower for this assignment was insufficient. So Vincent Van der Biest, Facility Manager, and Johan decided to look for a suitable solution and quickly came across Passwerk. Contacts were exchanged and the collaboration was launched within the short time span of just two weeks. We sent consultant Brecht, who was commissioned to install Windows 10 on all PCs and laptops in the IT department at the Ariadne Psychiatric Centre.

After the successful execution of this project, Johan only had words of praise for Brecht’s performance, job coach Dieter, and our operation. He told us,

“We are very proud of this successful partnership with Passwerk. The professional approach of our consultant, Brecht, brought enormous added value. Without his focus, precision, and perseverance, the success of this project would have been impossible.”

“In our opinion, this partnership has been an absolute must in terms of good collaboration, expert approach, and flexibility + follow-up.”

We owe this beautiful testimony firstly to the consultant, Brecht, who was very keen to meet the tight deadline. In addition, we would like to thank Johan and his IT team for including Brecht as part of their team from the start. Brecht didn’t enjoy saying goodbye but he can look back with pride on his period at the Ariadne Psychiatric Centre.

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