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Proximus presentation on the loyal partnership with Passwerk

On the initiative of our customer Proximus, a presentation on their loyal partnership with Passwerk was organized at the end of October, in which our sales manager Roeland participated. This took place in the Proximus auditorium and took the form of a panel discussion. Besides a delegation from Proximus itself, namely Katia Battheu (Director Customer Service Center) and Peter Daemen (Testing & QA Manager), Gert Vanhaecht (CIO Belins) also took part in this moment. After all, Gert has been following us closely for years and has years of experience with numerous Passwerk consultants within Belfius and Belfius Insurance.

The approach to this initiative was twofold. On the one hand, Proximus has the stated ambition of increasing the number of Passwerk or TRplus consultants employed in the short term. A general presentation event open to the entire Proximus organization at which the added value of a company like Passwerk is put in the spotlight can obviously contribute to this. On the other hand, it was also our intention to draw attention to the openness around paying attention to themes such as inclusion within all internal teams and departments of Proximus.

We would like to thank Proximus once again for this initiative and hope that it will further strengthen our loyal partnership!


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