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Satisfaction survey: neurodiversity in the workplace

Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace does entail challenges. Challenges that we accept with conviction at Passwerk and TRplus. Challenges that we would like to share with you, also to learn from. The extent to which we succeed in this can be measured in various ways. Our continued growth and a financially sound foundation are of course very important in this and we are rightfully proud of that.

However, nothing in our story makes it so strikingly clear that we now make a difference for many, as the sincere opinion of our consultants, our 'human capital'. We are serious about these opinions; they are of paramount importance!

Every two years, we therefore organise a completely voluntary and anonymous satisfaction survey among our consultants at Passwerk and TRplus. We recently received the results from the 2023 survey. And although I had planned to include a somewhat slightly animated list of questions and answers with corresponding percentages, a fervent plea for neurodiversity (in the workplace) was especially urgent.

So I can be brief about the results of our survey: we were genuinely touched by the recent satisfaction figures, which were – to be clear, in a positive sense – not entirely in line with our expectations. Not that it seems logical to us to be dissatisfied as an employee at Passwerk and TRplus, on the contrary. Rather that a sort of 'collective imposter syndrome' may be at play here at the company level.

It's like this: as a company where the vast majority of employees are neurodiverse, you will consciously and unconsciously use or build in – often immeasurable – compensatory measures (e.g. job coaching) for your employees. Particularly because you believe that a company with neurodiverse employees really can work, you do just that – consciously and unconsciously – a little bit more so you eventually see that it really does works. Compare it to an amateur athlete who is extra motivated to reach the top, despite or thanks to a disability. Here too, the 'immeasurable little bit more' will sometimes lead to amazing achievements. Achievements that sometimes literally surprise you, but which really shouldn't necessarily be surprising if you know and understand the context.

In summary, it is about constantly trying to assure yourself that you are doing more than well enough, so that you end up doing even better than you initially imagined. And that is precisely the great strength that is inherent in neurodiversity in the workplace (or in society). Working together with neurodiverse colleagues sensitises your antennae, touches you as a person, makes you more attentive as an employer (for all your employees), forces you to see perspective. At the same time, you increase productivity by bringing in unique talents who often better meet specific expectations in the workplace. With continued commitment, we at Passwerk and TRplus are moving further towards the future, a future with challenges but above all with opportunities for even more neurodiversity. We hope you will do the same!


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