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Start-up process new collaboration in focus

Together with our client RIZIV-INAMI, the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, we have recorded a video clip that focuses on the entire start-up process for new collaborations. Seppe, the job coach who guides our consultant Jeroen, explains which steps he always goes through with the client in order to realise a smooth and successful start-up.

Although every collaboration is unique and every job coach adds his or her personal touches to the process, there are some intermediary steps that form the core of our approach. First, there is the preparatory visit to the client, also called the 'site survey'. This visit gives the job coach the opportunity to explore all the expectations, needs and wishes with the client in detail. During the visit, a feeling for the company culture and all of the formal and informal rules is also established. All this information forms the basis for the matching process, in particular the selection of the consultant best suited for the new assignment.

Another core element Seppe focuses on is the awareness-raising presentation. During this presentation, meant for all the colleagues at the new client who will be working with our consultant, both directly and indirectly, the coach paints a realistic picture of Passwerk as an external partner but also of the profile of the selected Passwerk consultant. This way unrealistic expectations are avoided and possible cold feet can be countered.

Thanks again to RIZIV-INAMI for their participation in this video. Have fun watching!


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