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Ten projects supported by the ICT Community for ASD fund

Annually, the ICT Community for ASD Fund we founded in the lap of the King Baudouin Foundation gives financial support to organizations, projects that contribute to improving the well-being of people with autism or that contribute to the destigmatization of people with autism.

The final choice of projects to be supported is made by a jury composed of French-speaking and Dutch-speaking jurors. The composition of this jury can be found on the website of the Fonds ICT Community for ASD (

Each year a theme is determined. In 2022, it was "movement". A new theme has since been determined for 2023, specifically "empowerment." More information on this will soon be available on the Fund's website as well as the period during which an application can be submitted.

In 2022, a record 77 applications were submitted and from these, 10 projects were chosen to be supported.

Below is a brief description, as provided by the respective submitters, of the various projects.

(1) G-sport Vlaanderen vzw (Ghent)


In motion with autism - Towards autism-friendly sport by raising awareness among trainers and coaches

People with autism often fall by the wayside in sports initiatives because a sports context takes too little account of their needs and few trainers have the knowledge or experience to provide appropriate adaptations. In a first phase, G-sport Flanders will focus on training for trainers, in which theoretical insights about autism will be translated into practical training sessions. In a second phase, attention will be paid to active mentoring of trainers in the field.

(2) De Stroom vzw (Kortrijk)


Team A on the move

Team A stimulates to move, to discover, to experience. Searching together for a hobby where you can exercise unconstrained and without obligations. Individually, but not alone. Because athletes experience more.

(3) Asjeevoe vzw (Bruges - Assebroek)


The sports tastery: 1 year of free sports for people with autism in Bruges and Roeselare

Both in Bruges and Roeselare we want to offer one year of FREE sports to people with autism. We organize 3 series of 15 sessions in both locations. Each time 3 lessons per sport are offered, so per series one gets acquainted with 5 different sports. During the year guidance is provided, but the intention is that the group is enthused to continue playing together without guidance after this year (but administratively supported by us e.g. insurance).

(4) De Vijver vzw (Deurne)


A-MOVE: Sustainable mobility actions in the South of Deurne

A-MOVE will be the logo of sustainable "movement actions" in the Zorgzame Buurt Deurne Zuid. People with ASD and their supporters build these actions together with local residents.

Via 3 project axes ( Ronde van Deurne, Bewegen in het park, Bewegen op voorschrift van de buurtbabbels) we experiment on the one hand with ASD-friendly neighborhood-connected exercise projects. On the other hand, we will launch the logo "A-MOVE" and create a platform that will sustainably expand these exercise actions after the project.

(5) Limburgse Stichting Autisme - vzw Stijn (Overpelt)


Step by step to sports in a regular environment

Introduce people with autism to different group sports in their familiar environment. In order to prepare for the start in a regular sports club as safely as possible. This with the help of students of physiotherapy and physical education, in order to teach them about working with people with autism. This they can further use in their future work field.

(6) Vzw Villa Max (Brasschaat)


VillaMax, much more than vacations

VillaMax organizes free and enjoyable vacations for families with a sick child. In these families there are also children with autism whom we support extra so that it becomes a pleasant week for them too. Getting away together is certainly not obvious and VillaMax makes this possible by offering an adapted cottage (low stimulation, in a beautiful wooded area and with the necessary care) and activities tailored to each family (member).

(7) Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles (Brussels)


Autism and Circus: Inclusion project for children with ASD

The "Autism and Circus" project aims to include children with autism in the workshops and internships organized by the school. The support will be used to train the tutors in the TEACCH method, furnish the environment and in particular a Snoezel room and purchase adapted material. Children with autism will be able to participate fully in the activities thanks to a framework that meets their specific needs.

(8) Asbl R.O.M.E.O (Les Bons Villers - Rêves)


Social inclusion and learning support for children (2.5-12y) with ASD in regular education

R.O.M.E.O. accompanies children with autism spectrum disorder in kindergarten and elementary school in regular education. The aim is to support them in their learning and social integration, despite their specific cognitive characteristics and the difficulties this can mean for the child and the teacher. A team of volunteers accompanies these children at

school for at least half a day a week. The allocated budget will be used for the hours of two professionals who will select, recruit, train and supervise the team of volunteers.

(9) Pouvoir Organateur des écoles d'enseignement spécialisé Sainte-Gertrude (Brugelette).


An interactive gym for increased physical activity of pupils with autism

The project aims to create a "smart" environment in the gym. Thanks to a digital platform that understands and responds to their behavior and interactions, pupils with ASD will be able to combine their passion for interactive games with physical activity. A truly immersive learning space to stimulate students' senses and encourage them to fully develop their social-emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

(10) Le chat botté asbl (Incourt)


Construction of adapted walking and cycling paths to support the development of children with ASD.

The project includes the construction of a walking and cycling path to provide a safe, play and work space for children with autism. This outdoor environment will enable multidisciplinary work on the foundations of the learning pyramid and promote the proper development of children. The support will provide for the construction of the parking lot and the construction of the paths.


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