Test engineer ‘Destructive’ Gunther on his decade of experiences at Passwerk.

Gunther is 'an old hand’ in the profession'. He's been on the frontline for more than 10 years ensuring our partners' software quality is inspected and optimized regularly. A rock for our partners and worth his weight in gold for Passwerk. In this video Gunther tells us about his broad experiences at Passwerk and the challenges in these very difficult times.

Gunther's career began shortly after Passwerk was founded in the summer of 2008. Right after Passwerk was officially founded an intensive search began for the best IT talent to join their team. Several secondary schools were contacted, and it was clear almost immediately that Gunther was one of the ideal candidates for the job. And now more than a decade later we can say with absolute certainty that the collaboration has been a true success, both for Passwerk and Gunther.

Gunther is currently a test engineer at the Antwerp University Hospital and his long career has included several leading companies/organisations. He himself says his best experiences were at the VDAB. They occasionally made jokes about ‘Destructive Gunther’ because part of his job was to think up functionalities that would crash the software. The optimized end result of this assignment is something he's very proud of.

But the current challenges of the COVID-19 era have also meant a lot of challenges for Gunther. In a short period of time he had to switch to working remotely full-time. With a great deal of self-discipline Gunther has been able to maintain his daily structure as much as possible without being any less efficient. Something Antwerp University Hospital certainly appreciates.

Thanks so much for the video story, Gunther. We're looking forward to your next 10 years at Passwerk!

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