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Testimonial Haulogy

As an IT company that develops its own software, Haulogy has acquired know-how at the intersection of 3 areas of expertise: proven experience in software engineering, in-depth knowledge of energy markets, and skills in machine learning and applied mathematics.

With the combination of these three areas, Haulogy can support energy players in their digital transformation and in designing new services.

The company invests a significant portion of its revenue each year in research and development, allowing it to offer highly competitive, flexible services and software in a wide range of domains. The solutions and services offered by Haulogy are aimed at different markets (distribution, supply, e-mobility, flexibility, energy sharing) and players (grid operators, suppliers, B2B consumers, balancing operators, aggregators, e-mobility service providers ...).

What does our consultant Antoine do at Haulogy?

"Antoine works in the Operations team of the Energy Supplier Solution Department. This team assists energy suppliers in their daily operations in the liberalized gas and electricity markets. The team is in charge of various operational tasks.

Some suppliers delegate a large part of their activities to Haulogy. That includes, for example, monitoring systems to ensure that processes are running smoothly, and handling events that require operator action.

Antoine is now part of this multidisciplinary team, and he is involved in carrying out work for our clients. It is meticulous work that combines market and application knowledge. Certain activities are recurring tasks, but Antoine is also involved in one-off tasks, and he supports his colleagues within the team."

Why did you partner with Passwerk?

"Passwerk offers a priori consultants specialized in quality assurance and in the automation of testing computer programs. However, our request concerned a different domain: we needed a consultant to manage recurring functional operations within our team! By the way, there is a similar repetition in Haulogy's operational tasks as in its quality management activities. But our activities require an analytical mind! So, it was essential to take that dimension into account to find the right profile! Passwerk's staff was completely open to this challenge, and we came to the conclusion that they could meet our expectations."

How was Antoine's integration into the team?

"We took care to integrate Antoine gradually. From day one, Antoine worked with an expert buddy, to whom he could ask more technical questions, while within the team he had his contact person for more general questions. To be honest, we were a bit worried about Antoine's social side and how he would be in terms of cooperation. But from the first contacts, guided by his coach, Antoine was very communicative, asked questions and created a pleasant atmosphere with some jokes. Gradually, we introduced him to other team members with whom he could cooperate, and his activities expanded."

Antoine, how did you get started at Haulogy? Did you have any doubts when you started working at Haulogy?

The first few days went pretty well, mainly because I was working remotely, which saved me the stress of traveling to and from work. As for my doubts, they were mainly that I didn't know what to expect from a job with a billing program, but it turned out to be much more extensive than that.

Antoine, do you think it's an advantage to be surrounded by a SPOC and a job coach?

The big advantage here is the safety net that a SPOC and a job coach provide, especially when there are concerns. You always know who to turn to; and if things don't work out with the SPOC - for example, in case of absence or conflict - you have the alternative of the job coach and vice versa, which reinforces this safety net.

What is your overall impression after more than a year of working with Passwerk?

"We were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and by the diversity of tasks that a consultant like Antoine can perform. The meticulous work he is responsible for would put many people off. Antoine quickly understands the tasks he has to perform. Moreover, he is independent: you just need to set up a procedure and Antoine carries it out without you having to constantly support him. He can also change tasks easily when needed and he doesn't shy away from anything.

Passwerk is a pleasant company to work with, one that always listens to our needs. In addition, Passwerk's employees are clearly passionate about their work."

Antoine, what is your overall impression after 1.5 years of collaboration with Haulogy?

My general impression is quite positive. Of course, there were a few setbacks that were necessary, but overall, it has gone very well.

Passwerk consultant Antoine (on the screen in the middle), working with his colleagues at Haulogy

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