The coronavirus crisis and autism – helpful tips

  1. Adhere to your usual structure and work at times you would normally work in the office. This helps maintain a routine and make a clear distinction between work and private life.

  2. Use a flexible hour system if possible: if work is not going well one day, stop a little earlier and work a little longer the next day. If you feel you need more rest, take a longer break in the afternoon and work on longer in the evening.

  3. Do not work in bed or on the couch; sit at a desk or table. This will help distinguish between work and private life. It is also best not to spend the whole day in your pyjamas.

  4. Maintain regular communication with your colleagues and plan in meetings as usual. There are numerous online communication platforms available to this end (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.).

  5. Make agreements with your housemates about when they can and cannot disturb you. This helps avoid embarrassing situations such as a housemate entering your room while you are in a meeting with your manager.

  6. Choose a workspace where there is not too much distraction. If that means the kitchen for you because there is no gaming equipment there, that is fine too.

  7. Plan in timely breaks to help maintain your concentration. You can also plan in a daily walk to get some exercise and clear your mind.

  8. Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline. If you find it hard to concentrate because there is little or no supervision, try setting deadlines for yourself. You can even communicate them to your contact person and have him or her follow up on them. You can also ask your contact person to set deadlines for you.

  9. If you work for Passwerk or TRplus, your job coach can help you further with tips tailored to your needs!

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