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Tips application project fund ICT Community for ASD

The Fund ICT Community for ASD, established in 2012 by Passwerk in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation, supports initiatives that improve the living, housing and working conditions of people with an autism spectrum profile and promote the destigmatisation of autism. Over the past 12 years, no fewer than 89 projects have been supported for a total amount of €645,145.

Every year, we receive a lot of applications of which only a few projects are chosen. In 2023, for example, 12 projects were chosen out of 66 applications. To be eligible for funding, your project must meet some conditions. In this blog, you will find useful tips for submitting a successful application to the Fund ICT Community for ASD.


A clear project proposal is essential. Make sure your summary answers the questions: who, what, where, when, why and how. The jury needs this information to thoroughly evaluate your project. Therefore, provide a concise but powerful and clear summary of your project in time.

Formal clarity is also important: a well-structured application is a big plus. Every year we receive many applications, all of which are carefully read. A formally pleasing application is more pleasant to read through. Therefore, make sure you respect the basics of the application.


The NAUWU principle (Nothing About Us Without Us) is dear to the fund and the King Baudouin Foundation. Therefore, be sure to mention in your application whether people with an autism spectrum profile are involved in developing the project and explain how they contribute.

Annual theme

Every year, the fund chooses a central theme together with the King Baudouin Foundation. For 2024, the theme is 'Autism & Resilience'. It is a plus if your project ties in with the central theme: make sure to mention the link between your project and the theme in your summary. But don't worry if your project is not directly linked to the theme. Other well-substantiated projects also have a chance of being supported.

With these tips, you will increase your project's chances of being selected for support by the Fund ICT Community for ASD. Good luck with your application!

The call is already open and will close on 21 October. You can find the call here.


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