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TRplus nominated for Trends Gazellen 2023

We recently heard the great news that TRplus has been nominated for the Trends Gazellen 2023 Antwerp in the SME category. This list contains the companies that realise the greatest growth based on their added value, number of employees and cash flow.

As a subsidiary of Passwerk, TRplus has experienced a steady growth trajectory throughout the first few years of its existence. This cautious progress was mainly explained by a challenging search for new employees. After all, it quickly became clear that the desired profile of software developers with autism entailed a different type of challenge compared to the profile of software test engineers, on which Passwerk focuses.

However, applicants have been finding their way to TRplus noticeably easier for the past two years. Our major efforts in the area of external communication, including numerous recruitment campaigns, have clearly had an effect. The increase in the number of candidates applying to TRplus, in combination with the major success factor of the collaborations we are starting up, has provided TRplus with the necessary fuel to noticeably accelerate the growth process.

With the recent launch of our new TRplus service in the context of Security Operations Center (SOC), which you can read all about on this website, we are sharpening our ambitions for 2023 even further! After all, via TRplus we continue to do everything we can to integrate as many IT professionals with autism as possible into the regular labour market in a sustainable way.


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