TRplus now also deploys consultants for Business Intelligence

We now offer an extra service in the realm of Business Intelligence. We have partnered with SAS, a leading company in the Business Intelligence sector, and we employ certified consultants who can be deployed for various assignments. Some of our consultants are trained in Power BI, a Business Intelligence tool by Microsoft.

Activities for which our SAS consultants can be deployed

Potential activities for which our certified SAS consultants can take responsibility include, but are not limited to:

  • Writing SAS programs for data management, data quality control and reporting;

  • Extracting, manipulating and merging databases and files to create analytical data sets and data marts;

  • Coding business rules and derived fields;

  • Performing simple analytical and statistical tasks (e.g. comparisons of averages across groups, trend mapping, etc.);

  • Implementing data quality control and validation processes in SAS;

  • Analyzing, maintaining and troubleshooting existing SAS programs;

  • Creating and maintaining documentation on data processes and data quality issues.

For more specialized profiles, this can be supplemented with:

  • Advanced SAS code tuning and resource optimization in the context of big data processing;

  • Debugging and reverse engineering complex SAS programs;

  • Automation of code execution in the context of complex reporting chains and data processes.

Our consultants can also be deployed for annotations and creating glossaries.

When should you enlist the help of our consultants?

There are different reasons to use one of our BI consultants. These include:

  • Migration to a new SAS version (e.g. SAS Viya);

  • Migration to a new platform (e.g. migrating SAS from a mainframe to open systems, or migrating SAS from open systems to the cloud);

  • New ways of working with regard to data and BI (e.g. shift from classic DWH/BI to Data Lake/self-service BI);

  • New innovative projects that increase workload to things such as data management (e.g. analytics, machine learning, etc.);

  • New projects resulting from new legislation

- e.g. IFRS 7 in insurance,

- GDPR for data protection, etc.

- ...

These are just a few inspiring examples.

Do you need a BI consultant? Do not hesitate to contact Dirk Rombaut by email ( or phone (+32 495 290 196).

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