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UBench testimonial on the collaboration with Passwerk/TRplus

Erik Proost (General Manager)

Need for more people.

Due to growth and our international ambitions (after the takeover by BASF), we started looking for additional people for our IT department. We already had our eye on Passwerk/TRplus and were particularly fascinated by how their organisation works with people with autism. Giving every person a chance, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Since we have a lot of IT experience ourselves, we know better than most how competent these people can be. In the right place with the right guidance. So, we decided to put it to the test and contacted them for a collaboration.

Shortly after our phone conversation, Laurijn (Account Manager) contacted us and, after a meeting at our office, began looking for the precise profiles we needed.A few weeks later, several candidates were suggested and we quickly found a match in Wout (Java developer - Tester): a profile that fits our company's values and norms. A young local lad, a real Kempenaar.Voila, let's go for it!!


What was immediately clear was the experience and professionalism Passwerk/TRplus demonstrated in their guidance and interactions with people with autism. The next meeting at our office was with consultant Wout and job coach Katelijne. A nice first meeting with Katelijne in which she brought Wout's autism-related aspects to the foreground. It was clear very quickly that Wout's autism was absolutely no hindrance to our daily workings. What is really great, is that Katelijne organises all the support/evaluations for Wout, not just from the start but also during his entire career (at UBench). Twice a month.


Wout is currently mainly responsible for testing issues manually, but he also writes automated integration tests.Starting in a new company always takes some getting used to, but we felt like Wout settled in really quickly. So much so that even during the stand-up meetings we have every morning, Wout would let us know what he had to say. Wout was able to position himself at the forefront quite quickly. A young lad with ambition who we are proud to have in our team!


After several months of collaborating, we were so satisfied that we asked Passwerk/TRplus for a second profile. That was Goedele. A Java-developer with about a year of experience. For us, someone who needed a little extra guidance in Java development since we usually work with more experienced profiles. But, thanks to the pleasant collaboration, we decided to give it a try again. And yep, Goedele, is a great lady who integrated into the team quickly, learns fast and has already settled in working in the general flow.

Further collaboration

As expected, and as you have heard, Passwerk/TRplus is a great company with fantastic people. My colleague Marc (General Manager) and I have always had a special place in our hearts for companies, organisations that invest in people who have not always had it so easy. It is a good feeling when we ourselves can contribute. A company that we will be collaborating with for a very long time. Really impressive what Passwerk/TRplus does, hats off!

Word from Passwerk/TRplus

Laurijn Van Gorp (accountmanager)

From Passwerk/TRplus, we only have praise for our collaboration with UBench.

As a young but innovative player that provides specialised software for the automotive-industry, UBench's heart is in the right place. The first time we from Passwerk/TRplus met Erik & Marc, it was clear that UBench would be a valuable partner because of values such as personal growth, providing opportunities and believing in their people's capacities are a top priority. An environment where we saw a really good match for our consultant colleagues Wout & Goedele and where they could further develop their technical talent.

The first collaboration has been going really successfully since August 2020. We achieve a win-win every day by combining social motives on the one hand and technical results on the other. And also very important: our colleagues are really happy at UBench. We at Passwerk/TRplus are extremely excited about this collaboration and hope to continue these fantastic results with UBench as a partner for a very long time!

Erik Proost (General Manager UBench)


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