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A year of talents

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day (2 April), we launched a new video series this year. In this series, we portrayed people with an autism spectrum profile who have a special talent, specifically thanks to their autism. Our call was warmly received and so we were able to gather several candidates. Below is a brief look at their talents.   


From our pioneering role, we highlight the unique talents of persons with autism with the greatest conviction. We believe it is important that people can also focus on the positive aspects of autism. Nevertheless, we are not blind to the challenges faced by neurodivergent people. Only a society where neurodiversity is accepted and considered normal will do justice to everyone. 


Kevin is a software tester at Passwerk. Thanks to his eye for detail, he finds many typos or loopholes that others don't think of. His perseverance helps him set up test automation.   


Ingrid is a writer and writing tutor. With her good ability to concentrate and perseverance, Ingrid does not give up easily when she is writing. She is very imaginative and is good at making up stories in her head.   


Vanessa plays improvisational theatre. Her difficulty with social interactions in everyday life has made her study human reactions and emotions, both consciously and unconsciously. As a result, she has a huge library from which to draw inspiration for improvisational theatre.   


Eleonora works in educational support. She finds it difficult to link a talent exclusively to her autism since autism is a part of her. She is very good at gathering information, notices quickly when something is wrong and has a great imagination. 


Soetkin is a photographer and mainly photographs families whose children or parents have autism. The experience of her autism allows her to empathise with the people she photographs. Her ability to concentrate and perseverance allow her to edit photos well over a long period.   


Sanne is a social worker at a local authority. Because of her eye for detail, she notices things that are important in certain files. She is also a very efficient worker thanks to her routines.   


Nathalie works as a butcher and nurse. Thanks to her autism, Nathalie can work in a very structured and planned way, which is necessary when combining three jobs. She can also act differently towards clients versus family. 


Liesbet is a clinical psychologist specialising in neurodivergent people. Thanks to her autism, she knows first-hand which questions to ask and also dares to question things that are obvious to neurotypicals.   


Tom is an avid fitness enthusiast. He is very strong in the analytical and visual aspects, which he also applies to create a fitness and nutrition schedule.   


Marcia is a clinical psychologist specialising in children, adolescents and adults with autism. Her autism allows her to listen well, be objective and easily spot patterns and therefore see what could be going wrong.   


Would you like to know more about them? You can watch all the videos on our YouTube page via the button below. 


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