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Academy launch!

As previously announced, we launched our in-house academy this year. It aims to continue deepening and/or expanding our consultants’ expertise and to provide training for our new services. We’re still currently on the lookout for a new colleague to coordinate the academy’s activities, teach, and lend the job coaching and sales teams support in responding to technical questions. If you’re interested in this job or know someone who might be, please get in touch.

Our academy’s top two priorities are SOC (Security Operations Centre) and Low Code.

SOC analyst course

Following SOC-related exploratory talks with various prospective customers, our external training partner assisted us with developing a course curriculum. To be eligible to enrol as a potential SOC analyst, candidates need to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in ICT, ideally specialising in networking. If the latter isn’t the case, a special networking module will be made available.

The course lasts approximately two months and consists of diverse learning components where knowledge is acquired in a traditional classroom setting and developed hands-on in a lab.

The first course kicks off in end-June. And that means that new SOC analysts should be able to start working on site with customers sometime in the summer of 2022. Since market interest in this particular job profile is quite high, we plan to organise several of these training courses.

Low Code Course

Around fifty consultants from Passwerk and TRplus will participate in the Low Code training course. Outsystems was selected as the first training platform. Should Mendix be required by prospective customers, additional training can be provided.

Additional expansion

In addition to the priorities above, quasi-practical training or a ‘practice lab’ will be set up to provide software developers without experience with an initial experience in the trade.

Our academy empowers us to improve our response to market signals regarding specific training and expertise requirements. What’s more, we can continue proactively training people on the autism spectrum in the new fields in which we plan to develop new services.

Traditional training programmes remain available

In addition to our academy’s new training courses, we will continue to provide traditional courses for our software testers (manual testing and test automation) and BI consultants with our partners.


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