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Cybersecurity should be the priority of every company

The question is not whether one will ever face a cybersecurity incident, but when. It is therefore crucial to preventively monitor the activities of various systems for possible security problems and take the necessary measures in time to minimise the damage.

Press conference cybersecurity

In october, we held a press conference around our new service in cybersecurity. During our press conference, we explained what a Security Operations Center is and Gert Vanhaecht, Director of IT at Belfius, and Alexandre, the SOC consultant working for them, came to talk about the collaboration between Passwerk and Belfius.

Companies are increasingly integrating cybersecurity into their corporate structure

Today, it is no longer acceptable for an organisation's cyber security to take second place in an IT department. Consequently, numerous companies invest in developing a Security Operations Center (SOC) to better secure their networks and respond to events faster.

A SOC is a centralised service within a company that deals with organisational and technological security issues. SOC analysts manage and improve the security of an organisation's three pillars: people, processes and technology. An effective SOC focuses on continuously detecting and preventing threats that could harm the company's cyber security. Here, the focus is to monitor various logs of applications and devices in the corporate network and check for suspicious issues. The log information can come from antivirus software, firewalls, servers, web applications, and industrial control systems.

The qualities that our consultants with autism possess make them tremendously suitable for the jobs within our IT profiles:


Strong analytical thinking

Attention to detail

Long concentration

High productivity

Proactive thinking

Collaboration with Belfius

Belfius is one of our clients that deploys one of our SOC consultants Level 1. Eleven years ago, the collaboration between Belfius and Passwerk began with a few consultants deployed to test the Belfius app. The collaboration continued over the years and consultants with other profiles, such as software developers, joined the Belfius team and, since the beginning of this year, one of our level 1 SOC consultants has also been working at Belfius.

"We came to the conclusion from the start that the collaboration was going tremendously well. We were impressed by the knowledge Alexandre brought in, by the speed with which he was operational, by the thoroughness of the training provided by Toreon, and what we observe is that Alexandre is someone who integrated incredibly quickly within the team and who not only does his job, but also comes up with proposals for improvement." - Gert Vanhaecht, Director of IT at Belfius.
"I can, I feel, play a very important role in society because I vouch for the security of critical infrastructure. This is both for social interest and for companies." - Alexandre, SOC consultant level 1 at Belfius.
"I can completely let go in a SOC. I very much like to go into details and take everything into account, which brings me peace and structure." - Alexandre, SOC consultant level 1 at Belfius.


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