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Deployment of Passwerk/TRplus consultants during the holiday months.

For many of us, our holiday has already begun. Going away for a couple of weeks can really feel wonderful!

However, some assignments cannot be postponed for a longer period. Help from a Passwerk/TRplus consultant can be a valuable asset in those cases. We have also noticed that during the holiday months we are mainly asked to carry out assignments in data quality, administrative backlog or important assignments that people simply have not gotten around to yet. At Passwerk, we call these ‘quality assurance’ assignments.

You and your colleagues can enjoy your holiday while our consultants carry out the assignments during the holiday months. A true win-win! Don’t hesitate to contact us to check the availability of our specialists.

For inspiration, below is a list of typical assignments for which people often depend on our consultants.


  • Creating user manuals

  • Data cleaning

  • Data or text migration

  • Data checks and correction according to certain criteria

  • Data input

  • Entering and testing data in your new website’s CMS

  • Interactive data scanning

  • Recognising certain items on images

  • Enrichment of invoicing data in connection with digitalisation

  • Upgrade to a new version of Windows (configuration)

  • Insertion of metadata for intranet

  • Monitoring activities

  • Anonymisation of documents

  • Practical management of different systems (e.g. access, permissions)

  • Running standard reports

  • Updating data, files, etc.

  • Administrative processing of all kinds of data (in the context of specific client campaigns)

  • Activities regarding “Know your customer” (KYC), “Know your transaction” (KYT), Anti Money Laundering (AML) etc.



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