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In Memoriam: Pierre (Piet) Coppenrath

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

On 27 October, together with family, friends, and acquaintances, we said goodbye to Piet Coppenrath, one of the driving forces of Passwerk.

In 2007, Willy Piedfort and Kristiene Reyniers formed a steering committee in the build-up to the founding of Passwerk. The moment the initial idea was further developed and concretised, Piet accepted the role of chairman of the steering committee. He took this role to heart and ensured that the various members of the steering group took the necessary initiatives and fulfilled the agreements.

When the original statutes of Passwerk had to be written, Piet picked up his pen and made it a point of honour to shape them.

After Passwerk was founded, the steering committee was transformed into "the friends of Passwerk". Twice a year, this group met under the leadership of former chairman Piet to catch up on developments within Passwerk and to meet up again. Piet usually had a smile on his face and was always interested in news of Passwerk and our vision of the future. He always enjoyed catching up with the others over a nice glass of wine.

We will always remember Piet as a driven, persevering and broadly interested friend who made a difference both in the founding of Passwerk and in many other initiatives.


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