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International meeting in our office in Berchem

Last September, approximately ten members of Neurowrx ( gathered in our office in Berchem to exchange knowledge and experiences. Participants from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, the Netherlands and the United States of America came to Berchem. Other participants from the US and South Korea joined the event virtually.

The event took place over three days, starting on Wednesday afternoon and ending on Friday afternoon. The first day, various speakers addressed the elimination of thresholds for persons with autism who are seeking a job. Specific attention was paid to recruitment and the selection interview. In the evening, a welcome drink was organised near the office.

The next day, one of the speakers was professor Ilse Noens (KU Leuven) who talked about participatory research. We apparently are one of the worldwide frontrunners in this. Other speakers zoomed in on assessment and training initiatives.

After lunch, the theme of ‘Universal Design in Employment of those with autism’ was addressed, which meant an in-depth look at gender inclusion, the use of supportive technology, specific practices on the work floor and mental health. In the evening, the guests were treated to dinner.

The last morning of the international meeting was mainly dedicated to the scope and future of Neurowrx.


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