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Ministerial visit to Passwerk and TRplus

On Tuesday 7 June, we had the honour of receiving a visit from Karine Lalieux, Minister of Pensions and Social Integration, in charge of Persons with Disabilities, Combating Poverty and Beliris in the Belgian federal government, at our headquarters based in Berchem (Anvers). The Minister arrived at our Berchem offices at 10:00 am, accompanied by two assistants. We began with a tour of our offices before setting up in the “Ilse Noens” meeting room on the fourth floor. Dirk Rombaut (sales director and co-founder of Passwerk/TRplus), together with Roxane Résimont (account manager at Passwerk/TRplus) presented the economic model of Passwerk/TRplus, followed by a full explanation of the recruitment and coaching process by Isabelle Van de Wouwer (job coach at Passwerk/TRplus). After a presentation lasting more than an hour, followed by an intensive and extremely interesting Q&A session, the Minister exchanged a few words with Lucie, software testing consultant at Passwerk. Lucie explained her background and the role that she occupies within the company, in order to give our guest a “live” insight. Lucie’s enthusiasm and outspokenness amazed us all.

After that, it was finally time to say goodbye to Ms Lalieux and her team so that they could get back on the road to Brussels to attend parliament.

We would like to thank Minister Lalieux again for showing such attentive interest in our company. This was not the first time our paths had crossed. Three years ago, the Minister inaugurated the opening of “Be-Here”, the building where Passwerk has its offices in Brussels.


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