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New corporate video

This year, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary, which is the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves. Because in those 15 years, Passwerk has grown tremendously and a lot has changed. So, with great pride, we present our new corporate video to you! This video visually represents what Passwerk does and what we stand for.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve experienced growth, both in terms of the company itself as well as the range of services we offer. In the beginning, we only offered testing and quality assurance assignments (now support processes) whereas now our range of services is much more extensive. As a company, we continue to keep our eyes open for possible new opportunities in terms of services and adding new services. For example, since the end of 2022, we have been committed to expanding our cyber security services, which is our latest service, thanks to our Security Operations Center analysts.

Two of our customers have also provided testimonials for our corporate video. Both Belfius and IBA talk about the many advantages of working with Passwerk, ranging from the guidance for both the consultant and the client, to the speed and accuracy with which the consultants work without any loss of quality.

Enjoy watching!


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