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Nominate your candidate for our Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award!

Our Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award (PLAA) has already been awarded to five laureates (see insert).

Who is eligible?

The goal of the PLAA is to honour and recognise a person who has made an extraordinary effort for people with an autism spectrum profile. Determining criteria include the length of their efforts as well as their extraordinary character. The award is not connected to a specific type of contribution or a predetermined domain (diagnostics, education, work, culture, free time, research, etc.). We specifically want to honour passion and effort.

Who awards the PLAA?

Passwerk's Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for the nomination of candidates and the selection of the winner. The decision about the nominations is generally made during the BoD in December. The PLAA is normally awarded every year.

What does being a laureate include?

  • Formal recognition (certificate)

  • Guest juror at the foundation ‘ICT Community for ASD’ during the year of the award

  • Biography of the laureate written by Cas Raaijmakers

  • Celebration, a reception with guests

  • One of the Passwerk office spaces named after the laureate

Candidate nomination

Anyone who is in any way connected to the world of autism may nominate a candidate. You can do this by clearly motivating in an email why you think your candidate deserves to be nominated. You must describe the long-time and extraordinary contribution the candidate has made to people with an autism spectrum profile. And don’t forget to include the name and address of the candidate. You can email your nominations to Nico De Cleen,




Bert Beelen

De Lift Education


Ilse Noens

Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KULeuven


Peter Vermeulen

Autisme Centraal


Cis Schiltmans

Vlaamse Vereniging Autisme


Kristiene Reyniers




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