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Our consultants

Fifteen years ago, 4 consultants started out as functional software testers. At the end of the same year, Passwerk counted 16 consultants, of whom 3 were women. One of these female consultants has been working for Passwerk for fifteen years. She is also the consultant with the highest seniority.

In the beginning, the mother tongue of our consultants was mostly Dutch. Since 2019, after we opened our office in Brussels, French-speaking consultants joined as well. In the services we offer, a good knowledge of English is, of course, necessary as well for both language groups.

At the moment, 129 of our consultants live in the provinces of Antwerp, East-Flanders or Flemish Brabant. The provinces of West-Flanders and Limburg follow in fourth and fifth place. Every Walloon province, except for Luxemburg, is also represented in the places of residence of our consultants.

We receive high praise from our clients for the performances of our consultants. On average, they work faster without loss of quality, they work meticulously, they can focus longer than the average person and become true specialists in their field of expertise over time. From our biennial satisfaction survey, we learned that satisfaction is very high.

In 2022, we started our internal academy. The purpose of this academy is to maintain our consultants’ knowledge and to possibly familiarise them with the new services we offer.

We regularly organise activities where our consultants can meet. We already organised a city walk, went bowling and to the cinema, went to Cirque du Soleil and recently Efteling as well. In addition, we also frequently organise after-work events where everyone can play board games and catch up. Since our consultants often work on location, this is the perfect opportunity for them to talk about their mutual interests or passions.

Evolution of the number of consultants with autism (excl. X-ray screeners at 4GS)


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