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Our services

Testing and support processes

In 2008, we started offering services around software testing. In the beginning, we focused on manual functional testing. Our consultants were able to write test scenarios based on customer input (e.g. functional analysis documentation). Then, they could run these test scenarios and report the findings.

Over time, customers asked us whether we could perform other assignments. These were mainly assignments that required following a procedure and where accuracy was very important. Data cleansing, data migration, data validation and preparation of user manuals were the first assignments in this field. These assignments were originally grouped under the name "quality assurance assignments", but the collective name has since been changed to "support processes". By now, there are already about 20 types of assignments on the list and it continues to grow.

At one point, the market demand for test automation profiles increased and we offered training to all consultants with the right profile. By now, more than half of our testers are capable of test automation.

Software development

In 2016, our sister company TRplus was established, which houses the other services (other than software testing and support processes).

In the initial phase, we had to search for the right focus, but since 2017, TRplus mainly focused on software development. We only looked for software developers with knowledge of one or more programming languages and then, taking into account their knowledge, experience and interest, we chose a customised assignment.

Initially, we only offered software developers who have knowledge of Java, .Net/C#, PHP, Python, C++, etc., both frontend, backend and full stack. Since 2022, we also offer software developers in low code, for the time being mainly in Outsystems or Mendix.

Business intelligence

Besides software development, we constantly kept an eye out for expansion possibilities of the activities within TRplus. Various contacts within the market indicated that business intelligence could be interesting. Initially, SAS was used, but the focus soon shifted to Microsoft's Power BI. Our BI consultants can also work with other reporting tools.

Cyber security

We did not really need to be convinced of the importance of cyber security for companies and organisations. We had been toying with the idea of developing a service in this area for some time but struggled to put it into practice. This changed after our meeting with Toreon, a leading player in the field of cyber security. An interesting training programme was soon put together for Security Operations Centre Analyst Level 1. The first consultants with solid prior knowledge in networks etc. received training in mid-2022 and were then deployed to customers. The market understands what we offer and also sees the benefits of deploying SOC analysts with autism. Due to the large staff shortages within cyber security and the ever-increasing cyber security threats, we are convinced that we can add value here, from an unexpected angle.

X-ray screening

Traditionally, we mainly attract analytical thinkers as our consultants. This changed somewhat during the autumn of 2017. After a number of discussions with security firm G4S, a collaboration with G4S to deploy X-ray screeners at Brussels airport was signed in the second quarter of 2018. G4S pioneered this idea and thanks to the collaboration with us, their innovative idea became a reality. We were engaged to recruit & select candidates, optimise the training programme and provide job coaching during the training programme and their effective employment.

All that glitters is not gold

We constantly keep our eyes open for possible new opportunities in terms of services. Whenever we see new opportunities, we propose them to our advisory committee and talk to specialists in the field. In the past, for instance, we have looked at calculators in construction, RPA, blockchain, managed business process services, and so on.

After further research or practical experience, these activities were either not started or were terminated after evaluation.

We will continue to evaluate opportunities in the future and will undoubtedly come across additional, interesting possibilities. We are currently working on the development of a concrete offer on (neuro)diversity & inclusion. We aim for 2024 to start working on this in the market.


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