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'Quality Assurance' becomes 'Support Processes'

When Passwerk was founded in 2008, we focused entirely on the software testing domain. And we were able to achieve the first success stories with clients at that time. Our concentration on software testing was, on the one hand, due to a huge shortage of IT profiles of that specific type in de market and, on the other hand, a strong match between the required qualifications and the typical talents of people with autism.

Gradually, we noticed that our software test engineers were carrying out other tasks for our clients more and more often. These were tasks our clients typically postponed simply because the internal colleagues did not have the time or did not 'feel like doing it'. These were often data-related quality tasks, such as data input, data migration, cleaning up all sorts of files, rendering data anonymous, etc. Depending on the context and the sector the client was active in, these tasks could be very diverse. What we clearly saw was the fact that this type of responsibility was very motivating for our consultants and that they were able to deliver high quality, often at a fast pace.

Several years after our foundation, this led us to bundle this broad group of supportive quality work under the name 'Quality Assurance'. So in addition to software testing, Passwerk's second expert domain was established, thanks to the initiative of the clients themselves.

We have recently decided to change the name of this group of service providers to 'Support Processes'. The main reason for this was all the feedback from the market that the previous name did not really cover the broad range of tasks, which created confusion. Based on advice from our Advice Committee, the new name was finally chosen due to its direct reference to the Supporting Business Processes these tasks often fall under in the structure of an organisation.

We of course hope that 'Support Processes' will better reflect its services in the market and thereby make it easier for us to find potential collaboration areas.

Examples of Support Process assignments

  • Creating user manuals

  • Data cleaning

  • Data or text migration

  • Data checks and correction according to certain criteria

  • Data input

  • Entering and testing data in your new website's CMS

  • Interactive data scanning

  • Recognising certain items on images

  • Enrichment of invoicing data in connection with digitalisation

  • Upgrade to a new version of Windows (configuration)

  • Insertion of metadata for intranet

  • Monitoring activities

  • Anonymisation of documents

  • Practical management of different systems (e.g. access, permissions)

  • Running standard reports

  • Updating data, files, etc.

  • Administrative processing of all kinds of data (in the context of specific client campaigns)

  • Activities regarding "Know your customer" (KYC), "Know your transaction" (KYT), Anti Money Laundering (AML) etc.


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