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Software developers in front of the camera

At TRplus, which was founded as Passwerk's sister company for further diversification of our services, almost 30 software developers are now hard at work. But who are these diamonds in the rough who, day after day, give their very best for our clients?

So that the market and potential recruitment candidates can get to know our software developers, three brave employees stepped in front of our camera for an open and honest interview. In these testimonials about their job as consultant at TRplus, Ruben, Pieter and Dirk explain, among other things, what the added value of the support from the TRplus job coach has meant to them. They also tell us about their specific function within the team, their relationship with colleagues at the client's offices, etc.

Finally, Gert, Project Manager of one of our collaborations with the Flemish Government, also gives a testimony from the client's perspective about his experience with TRplus.


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