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Testimonial from UZ Brussel

Bart Wijns, Coordinator Project and Resource Planning ICT & BIOT, at UZ Brussel, and Kevin Stevens, software tester and SPOC (Single Point of Contact) of our consultant at UZ Brussel, give the following testimony to show their experience with the collaboration with our test engineer Cédric.

What motivated you to collaborate with Passwerk?

Naturally, the first reason was to be able to deploy test resources quickly. Passwerk had already introduced itself to UZ Brussel some time ago, whereby the social and societal approach of the organisation had made a lasting impression and perhaps also in some way fit in with the social character of a hospital. We immediately had confidence in their approach and way of working, partly due to the thorough training that Passwerk consultants receive in the field of testing.

What does our consultant Cédric do at UZ Brussel?

Cédric works as a software tester in our development department. UZ Brussel is developing the EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier) Primuz. Cédric is an integral part of the development team and provides support in both the testing of newly developed features and in performing regression tests of one of our modules within the EPD. He creates the test scenarios himself, works them out in our testing tool and then also carries out the tests. Based on these results, he discusses the findings with the development team. Cédric does all this in great detail, which is certainly appreciated by his colleagues.

How was the start of this collaboration?

As far as we are concerned, the start of the collaboration went very smoothly. From the first contact with the job coach, we experienced Passwerk's professionalism with which they wanted to make this collaboration a success. Cédric himself was also very enthusiastic about getting started and his enthusiasm still remains.

In the discussions before Cédric actually started, the work situation within the UZ, among others, was discussed in detail in order to ensure that Cédric's onboarding went as smoothly as possible. Together, we sought practical solutions to make the working atmosphere in our department as pleasant as possible for Cédric. For example, we made concrete agreements about the workplace, taking breaks, working from home, etc. This joint onboarding process immediately created a familiar environment for both Cédric and us. So no more surprises at the start...

Once he started, Cédric quickly adapted to our team. He works well with everyone and shows a great interest in his work field.

Were there any doubts within UZ Brussel regarding autism and more specifically hiring Cédric as a tester?

We did not have any real doubts regarding autism. It was a conscious decision to collaborate with Passwerk. On the other hand, there was a bit of tension before Cédric started, especially towards ourselves, whether we would be able to accommodate and support Cédric sufficiently. Thanks to Passwerk's professional approach in the preliminary phase before onboarding; we were well supported in this so we felt reassured. Once he started, there are also frequent follow-ups with the job coach, which also ensures that we can quickly adjust where necessary.

Does the collaboration meet the set expectations?

Absolutely. We were mainly looking for an extra test resource who works in great detail, has knowledge of software testing and who can also work independently to create and execute new test scenarios. Cédric meets all of these criteria.

What added value does Cédric bring to the team and in what areas has he positively surprised you?

He can focus very well and writes out the test scenarios in great detail. This is also reflected when he's carrying out his tests. Then he can really concentrate and focus on meeting the deadlines. During the release testing, he found a number of findings that needed to be resolved before moving on to production. This is really beneficial to the quality of our product.

Cédric has particularly surprised us with the great independence and level of detail in his work every day.

Are there tips from the job coach that contributed to a better functioning of the team in general?

We clearly see that Cédric is being supported very well by Passwerk. In this way, he has the opportunity to indicate quickly when things are not going quite as well or when he has particular questions. Thanks to the joint dialogue and frequent follow-ups, we can always respond quickly when something needs to be adapted. Of course, the job coach's tips and follow-up are certainly an important factor in the success of this collaboration.

Have you learned anything from working with Cédric?

The collaboration with Cédric and with Passwerk in general has taught us above all that everyone's qualities can be used to the fullest, provided that people are properly supervised and approached. Clarity, structure and regularity are 3 important pillars on which everyone can build. This really has nothing to do with the aspect of autism.

After your own experience, what would you say to decision makers from other businesses who are considering a collaboration with Passwerk?

Our experience is already extremely positive. The collaboration is still going very smoothly to this day, both with Cédric himself and with Passwerk. From our experience, we can certainly recommend a future collaboration. No need to doubt.

And if you have any doubts, you can always contact us for a chat.😊


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