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The Advice Committee plays an important role in the further expansion of Passwerk/TRplus

The Passwerk/TRplus Advice Committee was established in May 2009, which means this year is our 13th working year. A new Advice Committee is chosen every year. For the current working year, the committee consists of 19 CIOs and CEOs who advise us, but we also have a network of more than 55 former members who have become true ambassadors for Passwerk/TRplus.

At the four-monthly meetings, we focus on:

  • Fine-tuning our services provision to market needs

  • Gathering advice on our commercial approach

  • Gathering advice on the training and development of our employees

  • Exploring business opportunities in the market

  • Requesting feedback on different communications with the market

The visual animation below provides more information about our Advice Committee. The committee’s current members can be found here.


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