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Cooperation between ASTRID & GIM & Passwerk

In the world of emergency response and security, time is of the essence. Every second counts when saving lives and aiding in emergencies. Therefore, it is essential that the technology used by emergency and security services is state-of-the-art and works seamlessly. This is where ASTRID, the specialised telecom operator of Belgium's emergency and security services, plays an essential role.

In case of an emergency, you immediately call the emergency services, and they send you the right help. Then, of course, the emergency services must get your correct address, so they are not at your neighbour's house. So ASTRID's mission is to equip the emergency centres of all security services with advanced technology so that they can respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies. To this end, ASTRID relies on specialised service providers, including the partnership between GIM and Passwerk.

GIM & Passwerk complement each other

GIM, a leading provider of geographic information systems (GIS), excels mainly thanks to its extensive hands-on experience with address and street data over the years. For example, Belmap, one of their systems, enables addresses, buildings and parcels to be located with extraordinary precision. With this in-depth expertise, GIM enables ASTRID to quickly and accurately direct police and emergency services to the right location. This is especially important in emergencies where every second counts.

Passwerk is the second key player in this partnership. We distinguish ourselves as a unique company in IT services by deliberately employing consultants with an autism spectrum profile. For the partnership with GIM and ASTRID, consultants were brought in for our support processes service. For instance, the consultants support quality tasks such as repetitive tasks that require good concentration. Thanks to their special attention to quality and detail, our consultants can perform repetitive tasks quickly and flawlessly.

Every second counts when saving lives and aiding in emergencies.

The multidisciplinary team of Passwerk and GIM assists ASTRID in a wide range of maintenance tasks, including managing services, monitoring processes, communicating with stakeholders, performing operational tasks, and maintaining the required IT infrastructure. By using advanced technologies and the expertise of all parties involved, emergencies can be handled efficiently, and lives saved.

In a world where rapid response is vital, the collaboration between ASTRID, GIM and Passwerk highlights the importance of technological innovation and cooperation to ensure the safety of society. With joint efforts, they continue to play an indispensable role in supporting emergency and security services.


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